The Evil Within Review


This is going to be a short review as I am still playing the game. Note to self never buy a new game in the middle of October YOU WILL NEVER GET A CHANCE TO PLAY IT. Between Halloween, Rock and Shock all the horror stuff to watch, and all the new tv shows when do you have time to. But I digress The Evil Within is one truly horror survival game that lives up to the legacy created by its creator Tango Gameworks head Shinji Mikami.
The creator of Resident Evil. You can see the similar creatures in the Resident Evil games compared to this one. With gruesome monsters and ugly boss battles that makes you very frustrated.

You play as Sebastian Castellanos, a detective called in to investigate a vicious collection of murders at a local mental hospital. You don’t know what is reality and what is a nightmare. They give you very limited ammo and when they do they give limited time to figure out what to do run or fight. Most time you should run and avoid those enemies you can. When you die its frustrating. I am only at level 7 and the chain saw guy fight 2 I hated to death your given no way to beat him if your out of ammo. or health.

When you pre order the game you get a few extras but nothing that will last I used up all the extra stuff with in the first few levels I had them.

The graphics are bloody and gross with bloody violence every where. Enemies don’t give up and will chase you down. You get to save at a weird hospital with a cryptic nurse and also where you spend the green goo you collect like points to give your self upgrades to your brain…..( don’t ask I don’t understand it)

You team up with your partner he helps you and you have to save him sometimes too, The computer plays him.
I suggest it for real true horror fans don’t expect a great plot but expect some real tense moments.
There is also a comic book series from Titan Comics you should check out as well.


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