RIP Arthur Rankin and Glen Larson

This past week we lost Glen Larson creator of many great tv shows including Magnum PI, Quincy, and sci-fi greats like Battlestar Gallactica, Night Rider, and Buck Rogers in the 25th century, and the 6 Million Dollar Man. He may never have touched apon the horror industry as far as I can tell but what he did for sci-fi tv is simply amazing. He died of Cancer this past Friday at the age of 77. His last bit of work was Caprica.

Now you maybe wondering why Arthur Rankin is also listed as ai just found out and several other people heard this as well, he died back in January. The reason its so relevant now is his and Bass work really hits home at this time of year as we enter the Holiday season. He worked on Thundercats and The last Unicorn and The Hobbit animated movies. He stepped into the Horror genre with Mad Monster Party. I didn’t watch that one till I was an adult but the Christmas special Santa is coming to Town is one of my all time favorites.

Both really are a tremendous loss to the industry and both deserve to be remembered for what they did. Their legacies will forever live on as more and more children and adults discover their classic timeless work.




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