The Pyramid and Day of the Mummy

This week we get hit with TWO films from Egypt, (whats funny tho neither film was filmed in Africa, Day of the Mummy was filmed in Mexico)
The Pyramid and Day of the Mummy, both films are a mix of Found footage and Real filming.

In The Pyramid you have a crew led by a father daughter archeology team trying to uncover the secret of a 3 sided Pyramid. The Pyramids of Giza have 4 sides so this is a unique one. The movie switches back and forth between the two film styles one by one the characters get killed off by something and some traps. We learnt he Pyramid is the tomb for the God of Death ANUBIS. This is the first movie outside of the Mummy Returns that uses this thing as the villan. Its a bit CGI but I can overlook that. We also have some Jackle Dog Rat creatures in the movie. I went into this movie really wanting to HATE IT and I mean rolling my eyes and with bad expectation. What I got was a movie which was not great but not bad either. Denis o Hare is the father in the movie hes been on True Blood and American Horror Story so he still remains in the Horror industry. Its written by Grégory Levasseur who was the writer behind P2 and The Hills Have Eyes and High Tension working alongside Alexandre Aja. Their film making style is definetly seen here. Its worth checking out and playing at theaters now.
Day of the Mummy stars Danny GLover on camera thru a pair of Spy Glasses the whole movie. The main character played by William McNamara is trying to find a gem for Glover. They bring a team with them an unlock a Mummy and his followers who sacrifice people to him. The cool thing about the Mummy is ITS REAL. They actually had an actor in a suit and make up. I hate found footage movies and its one Big reason I can’t give this movie more credit than that. The main actor we have coming on soon says because it costs so much to get a movie financed that found footage it shit cheaper and easier to make. I don’t understand this explanation I think its lazy filmmaking. Both movies are out now.


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