The Nightmare Before Christmas Review

Tim Burton’s classic film makes me feel a wee bit old as it can out when I was entering high school.
It’s 21 years old and still holds up today.
What a weird movie crossing Christmas and Halloween making it twice the Holiday movie.
The great Chris Sarandon play Jack Skellington the Pumpkin king of Halloween town. He wants to bring Christmas to his dark gothic little town and with the help of some mischief makers he kidnaps Santa Claus and takes over. But then has to rescue Santa from Oggie Boogie his arch nemesis.
Patrick Stewart does an amazing job as the voice narrarartor.
Catherine o Hare play Sally Jack’s girl friend and a great show of what hot dead chicks can look like….years later Corpse Bride.


Danny Elfmans score is amazing and really helps bring the stop motion animation to life. The movie is not directed by Burton but by Henry Selick. This is still Burton’s vision. I think at the time Burton was working on Ed Wood.

The visuals in this movie are really creepy and some great uses if stop motion the likes if which we don’t get very often. Hot topics really had a field day with the merchandising of this film and it continues today.
Chris would return to play Jack in two Kingdom Heart video games for Play Station2. A game series that crosses Disney and Final Fantasy.  And you thought crossing Christmas with Halloween was weird. These games were recently rereleased for The PS3.
The blu Ray has some decent bonus material with commentary and Burton’s short film Vincent which I a tribute to the late great Vincent Price.

The soundtrack was redone with great covers by Marylin Manson Fiona Apple Fallout boy and others.
This is a great film no matter ifn it’s Halloween or Christmas.


4 Responses to “The Nightmare Before Christmas Review”

  1. This is a good movie.

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