Rest In Peace

Only 13 days into 2015 and we had a few deaths in the genre of Sci-fi and Horror

Actor Rod Taylor
FAREWELL, TIME TRAVELER: Rod Taylor has left this world for good, at 84. He was one of my favorite actors during the ’60s… the HONG KONG TV series, THE TIME MACHINE, THE BIRDS, WORLD WITHOUT END on Million Dollar Movie… what a wonderful performer and engaging screen personality. Thanks for making my childhood that much brighter, Rod.

Screen Wrtiter Brian Clemens
The man who made stars of Diana Rigg, Honor Blackman and Joanna Lumley has died aged 83.
Screenwriter Brian Clemens, who created shows including The Avengers, The New Avengers and The Professionals, died in a London hospital on Saturday, his son George said. He also wrote Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter
Clemens started his working life in advertising before breaking into the film and TV industry, writing scripts for low-budget thrillers.


Designer Robert Kinoshita,
whose robot designs have become American pop culture icons, passed away on Dec. 9. He was 100.

The title character in “Tobor the Great” (1954) was created by Robert Kinoshita.
As a designer draftsman for MGM, Kinoshita created the B9 robot made famous in the 1960s TV series “Lost in Space,” and Robby the Robot, who first appeared in the science fiction classic “Forbidden Planet” in 1956.



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  1. all the good ones dying off those were and are great movies

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