Mini Reviews Part 3-D Zombie Edition

There are no 3-D movies in this list of mini reviews but points to you if you can guess why I put that in there,

Dead Snow 1, and 2 Red vs Dead
I finally had a chance to see this trapped in the snow on Saturday afternoon with a friend before setting off for the 40th Anniversary of the Sci-fi Film fest in Somerville.
In the first movie a group of friends head to a cabin dig up some old Nazi gold and have to deal with a Zombie Army rising up. This movie has a plot similar to Pirates of the Caribean Curse fo the Black Perl. The Gold is cursed and the only way to stop the Zombies is by giving back the gold. The survivor learsn this too late cuts off his arm and then has the Zombie leader arm grafted to him. This helps the plot of part two tho as he is able to raise an army of dead Russians and with the help of a group of American ZOmbie hunters they turn the tide of battle and defeat the Nazis. The ability to raise the dead with a new power that each Herzog the leader of the Nazis and Martin our hero. It has a lot of laughs and is more horror than humor I would skip the last 5 mins of the ending to Red vs Dead its not worth watching and disgusting. Its great to see something done unique with Zombies. Even though we have seen Nazi Zombies before in video Games there are not that many films doing anything with them.
Both movies were directed by Tommy Wirkola, who also directed Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters.

Zombie Killers: Elephant GraveYard
DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE, I watched the first half and that was too much what a boring and uninteresting attempt at trying to be the Walking Dead. I interviewed the Director Harrison Smith, and he said he pleaded with the studio to reconsider and make something else. He thought the genre was too over saturated and his movie would be lost. If they made this 10 years ago , it would have been perfect timing.

The Battery
Another movie I recomend you avoiding, uninteresting and you get 40 mins of guys by themselves doing nothing but arguing and bitching and acting like children. I tried to like the characters and find some interest in this Zombie crap fest from Scream Factory, but alas I could not.


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