Alien: The Archives

Something amazing came in the mail I discussed on the show a few weeks ago as well as brought it up on my blog last year during the 35th anniversary of ALIEN. Well with the announcement that we are getting another ALIEN movie and Sigourney Weaver and maybe Michael Biehn are coming back what better time to review Alien Archives from Titan Books.
Published late last year this books covers all four of the Alien films ( nothing to do with Prometheus or Avp 1 and 2) It contains many great behind the scene pictures and notes about the films. Have you seen some of these images before YES! Are there still a lot of great pictures in this books oh you betcha.

The book is dedicated to H.R.Giger and it should be as he designed the creature and the dust jacket is a black and white image of the Xenomorph. Giger in case you didn’t know passed away last year.

Each film gets an exhuastive high res pictures nothing grainey or old they really did a good job of restoring some of these pictures too look like they were shot yesterday. You get differant angles than you have ever seen before from the movies. If you have the Alien Colonial Marines book and the Alien Vault book this goes great with them for your own person collection. They should put out the storyboards for the first two Alien movies going thru each film, that would be very very cool. We get some in this book, but a whole volume dedicated to it would be very nice.

Content for each film features the history and production process, the cast, designs for the environment, spaceships, and the alien, all in the at order.

unnamed (1)

The text overall is insightful and informative. However, history for each film is rather brief but this isn’t a detailed production diary so it’s not surprising. The other text comes in the form of interviews, captions and commentary explaining the designs, filming process and the work that is done. The paragraphs here and there plus snippets of text all add up to a huge amount of content to read.

Frame by Frame from some scenes in the film behind the scenes. The books interview author is the former editor of Britain’s top-selling movie magazine, Empire Mark Salisbury.
Copies can be ordered here


6 Responses to “Alien: The Archives”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Definitely looking forward to this new Alien movie.

  2. ellen k Says:

    ,Ive watched alien liked them and happy she is making another all of her films have
    great acting

  3. Awesome looking book, certainly excited about the New Alien movie as well!

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