Sega in 2010 launched what would become the female equivalent of Devil May Cry. A Gothic action adventure beat em up with horror roots and insane over the top game play.


Bayonetta was a huge success on the Xbox 360 and PS 3 and has returned for Bayonetta 2 on the Nintendo WiiU. As of this writing B2 has garnered more positive reviews than a lot of the games on the WiiU. Surprising as its a Sega game on a Nintendo console. Please understand that joke. Bayonetta goes to hell and heaven to resurrect a friend who falls in battle. No longer on a quest to find her forgotten memories she and her friends from the previous game like the photographer Luca and the bartender at the Gates of Hell forge forward with weird powers and a more story driven narrative. She once again has a kid sidekick this time a young boy named Loki….a trickster….hmmmm.


Packed with it is the original game on a separate disk.
Bayonetta is as adult and wickedly funny as she was before, the game is a hard core M rating with semi nudity in every scene and Bayonetta yelling FUCK YOU when she hits an enemy, Princess Zelda, Peach and Toadstool would never be written so charming. Samus is the closet thing I would say to match Bayonetta attitude but that’s still not on the same level of mature content.
The game play is so insane its more fun to die and let yo replay the level so you can capture what is going on in the game. Button mashing has become a video game staples thanks to the God of War series. You go too the Gates of Hell bar to level up and get new over the top combos.


Sega is unapologetic in the way she handles her sexuality.  (To promote the game they teamed up with Playboy Playmate Pamela Horton to cosplay as the character both clothed and nude.)
She has many crotch shots and twists her body in ways that would make a porn star proud. Its funny the first game came out right after a certain presidential candidate from Alaska was running for VP. Also the porno of Sarah Palin mixed with Tina Feys portrayal of her on Saturday Night Live, I think had some influence on her design …..but I may be wrong. This game series may offend some people but this is not for every one. Many critics praise the game for being fun and do point out the over the top sexual nature if it.
Anita Sarkeesian as usual hated the series
She said and I quote “Everything about Bayonetta design is for the pleasure of straight male games, I’m disappointed no one has covered her outrages over sexualized attitude.” Anita GAY WOMAN love this series too, I was happy to meet them at Pax East this year. She really attacked the series and once again finds nothing positive to say about it. Japanese based game company made a game like an anime character is no surprise. I enjoyed the game more than Lollypop Chainsaw which I didn’t like and thought was a terrible game.

Leigh Alexander of Gamasutra said “I really like Bayonetta personally feminism doesn’t mean woman’s bodies are bad. It upsets me when I’m told covering my body is what I should be live in.”

Those are two female industry experts on the series. For me its fun and a great game series to play.


Recently there was a Bayonetta Anime movie from Funimation released.

Bloody Fire it’s the story from the first game animated from the developers of Afro Samurai. The movie is available on blu-ray only but comes with a DVD.  If your in the Boston Area this weekend the company that makes this movie Funimation will be set up at the annual Anime Boston Event.
Helena Taylor voices Bayonetta in both games and the anime movie. Her sharp tongue, mixed with her British accent give the personality needed for this type of character.
We waited almost five years between games, I hope we don’t have to wait another five for the sequel.


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