The Evil Within The Assignment

Been a couple weeks since I did a Saturday game review and we come back this time with a return to one of my favorite more recent survival horror games.
New DLC content arrived for The Evil Within and its kind of what fans were hoping for from the get go with this new game from Bethesda games.
This time you play as Julie Kidman the third person !aim character seen throughout the main game. At the end of the main story you learn she was involved with a shadowy organization controlling the bad guy Leslie and his alternate personality Ruvik.
Kidman’s story runs parallel with the main game thru the Assignment.
You are given very little in the way of weapons and can only attack some thing in chapter two by sneaking up behind a creature with an Axe. One of the new enemies introduced is The Spotlight a shrieking arm bound or arm less (its hard to tell in the dark) when she shines her light on you comes charging after you looking to kill you.

The game has a duck and cover feel depending more on survival and less on shooting and killing an enemy. You don’t know when a grotesque horror will pop out and try to chop you up.

Other enemies all appear too be from the main story and you have to fight Joseph who has been posted by Ruvik. You get clues to Julies past and bits of prices of the main mystery.
This is one of three DLC chapters I will be reviewing. Expect the second two to come in a few weeks.



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