Jurassic Film Saga

Jurassic Park 1 ,2,3,4
We have four of these movies now can you remember the last time you saw Jurassic Park. How about where you were in the summer of 1993. I was 13 years old and went to the movies to watch this film. It was a huge thing for me at the time. I watched it 4 times. Twice by myself. Once with my friend Tim and once with a kid I used to babysit. A group of people go to an island to check out Dinosaurs brought back to life from DNA cloning and hijinks and crazy Dino stuff happens, at this point do I need to explain the plot.
I had never seen anything like this ever. No one had. This was also one of the first movies to have the THX digital effects logo blasting at your face. I had not read the book yet at this point. I knew the guy whop directed this also had done the Indiana Jones movies and ET. I went into this with high expectations and got those expectations met. Big Dinos everywhere the T Rex is awesome and the Raptor Kitchen scene kicks ass and is creepy and tension building.
Alan Grant played by Sam Neil and Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern are great. Samual L Jackson has a small part but still great. I recognized none of them but I got to know who they are. FUN FACT: Richard Attenborourgh (who plays John Hammond the creator of Jurassic Park), was the director of Gandhi years ago and Steven Speilberg ET were both nominated for Best Picture and it lost to Richards film. Years later Steven would cast him in Jurassic Park.
Both this and the Lost World have scores by John Williams who also did every Star Wars movie and ET and so many others

Now Jurassic Park The Lost World I read the book before the movie came out and I’m not going to go into the big difference between the two. They can be found elsewhere online. I saw this when I was 17 once in the theater and I skipped going to my prom to go see this movie. Jeff GOldblum comes back joined by Julianne Moore and Vince Vaughn and the kids come back and so does Richard’s John Hammond. They go to the other island to study the Dinosaurs and Hammond Nephew a shitty little character wants to take the Dinosaurs off the island. This is a bad idea as you see at the end of the movie. They don’t go into great detail about what happened to the other island. Its just gone. This was ok, more Dinosaurs more people getting killed. Malcolm’s kid Kelly is lame as the other kids and this is no better. Great ending some people didn’t love. Too much CGI yes not as much robot annamatronic stuff. So sad.

Jurassic Park 3 was ok I loved certain things but other not great. Sam Neil comes back and helps a divorced couple find their missing kid. Thats it There are a couple great things like when Tea Leoni asks, “Is this how you create Dinosaurs?” Alan, ” No this is how you play god” Sam is great in this movie a great role for him and he helps this really short movie directed by Joe Johnson (Director of Captain America and Wolfman) decent stuff the new SpineoSaurus is ok but way too silly.

Jurassic World is the new film in the saga which comes out this weekend. I loved it I saw it tonight. Chris Pratt is great in this film. He really is showing his action hero acting chops with a sense of humor and we love that. There is some reddit theory Owen is the little kid from Jurassic Park that told Dr.Grant that the Raptor is lame. Hmmmm??? Bryce Dallas Howard runs Jurassic World and her nephews come to visit the same day their new Dino mix breed silly hybrid breaks out. It cause a mess and more Dinos run amuck. They ignore JP 2 and 3 in this film and only focus on the first movie. However on the table of one of the Security detail (Jake Johnson from the New Girl) is Ian Malcolm’s book. This book is mentioned in JP 2 and 3. We also get to see the Original Park visitor center and other original film nods. If there is a villain in the movie it’s Vincent D’Onofrio as Hoskins who wants to use the Raptors who are like brother to Owen as weapons for war. Very bad idea. I guess he didn’t watch the Aliens movies. Also the only actor to return from the original movie is BD Wong as Dr.Henry Wu.
Great movie go see it this weekend it kicks ass and it awesome. Its playing at the Black Stone Valley Cinema in Millbury MA, and a bunch of other theaters

The first three films have been on Dvd and Blu ray for years loaded with Dino awesome sauce.


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