Dr.Chris Record Spotlight: Ghostbusters

Tonight because the director of that shitty all female reboot film put pictures out, we thought we talk about a much better film score. The original GHOSTBUSTERS .
In the picture below you can see the soundtrack along with the Glow in the Dark Record Store day single, that came out last year. This has four versions of the song on the record by Ray Parker Jr. The instrumental version, extended cut and th dub version. Now these have only been heard in the movie thru the scenes depicting the different cases the boys go on during their montage sequence. It’s been reissued once before at Hot Topics and you may be able to find it on EBay.

Then the main soundtrack has all the songs your familiar with the movie like Cleanin Up The Town by the Bus Boys and the main title theme by Elmer Bernstein and the Golden Torch Music Corp. It’s this beautiful eeire music that fits this spooky comedy.
Recently released on records is the soundtrack to GB2.
I recommend picking these both up make sure you leave the Glow in the dark record in the light for 10 mins to get the Glow effect to work the way you want it.




2 Responses to “Dr.Chris Record Spotlight: Ghostbusters”

  1. Cool! Original ghostbusters stuff!

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