Tim Seeley Introduces Blade’s Daughter

Tim Seeley current writer on Grayson (the Spy adventures of the former Nightwing, Robin, Batman) have been so great I have not had time to read them, but I want to it combines James Bond with everything we love about Dick Grayson.

Tim is best known for creating Cassie Hack the Goth girl with attitude who runs all over the country with her side kick Vlad hunting down serial killers. Now he is tackling a new genre the Horror of the Marvel Universe.

While the vampires of the Marvel Universe don’t often cross paths with super heroes, there is one relentless champion they fear — if they’re smart. His name is Blade, but he’s also known as the Daywalker. He possesses superhuman strength, rapid healing and has declared war on all vampires who inhabit the Marvel U. That war has spanned decades and it’s one he’s fought both alone and with the aid of various allies like MI:13 or the Mighty Avengers.

SDCC: Snipes Says Conversations with Marvel Continue Beyond “Blade”

This October, the Daywalker’s vendetta against the supernatural becomes a family affair as writer Tim Seeley and artist Logan Faerber kick off an all-new “Blade” ongoing series, where the title character teams with his teenage daughter, a seemingly normal high school student named Fallon Grey.

With the series announced today at Comic-Con International in San Diego, CBR News spokeexclusively with Seeley about his take on the title character, the similarities and differences between new character Fallon and pop culture’s most famous female vampire slayer, Buffy Summers, and how the series will pit father and daughter against monsters even more terrifying than vampires.


Tim says in a interview with Comic Book Resources

“It feels like those twelve years of writing teenage girls fighting monsters is finally being recognized. It’s like Marvel is saying, “Congratulations on your double PHD in ‘Adolescent Female Angst and Monster Stabbery.’ Have a job!”

As far as the Marvel Horror Universe goes, I’m really trying to delve into the vibe of the 70s Marvel Monster magazines — updating and tweaking that sleazy/sinister/sexy feel they had for a modern comics audience.”

He goes on to say how he was a big fan of Satana and other horror figures of the Marvel Universe.

Blade’s daughter will be 16 years old and work along side her father, fighting monster but not Vampires they don’t want to do another Blade vs Vampire story or Deacon Frost, which has been done over and over again. That’s not to say he wont come up against Vampires at some point, just not right away.

Marvel has had several Blade Comic Book series all which have been cancelled in a year the last running during the Civil War story line and was cancelled after 12 issues. He is a great character but has never had great sales. Even during the height of his popularity of the movies with Wesley Snipes he could not keep a series going.

Time will tell if Fallon Grey Blade’s daughter and Tim can keep Blade afloat. The book launches this October in time for Halloween.


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