HP Lovecraft’s 125th Birthday Celebration Part 2

As we get closer to NecronomiCON  this weekend I thought I would go over some of the films based on Lovecraft  work.
First up we have SPRING, now if you have not seen this movie you need to check it out its as much a Lovecraft film or homage as Alien is. (HR Giger  the designer of the creature in Alien was a huge Lovecraft fan.) In this story a man goes to Europe  after his mother’s death to escape some trouble and meets a woman who turns into a elder goddess smoking hot type monster at night. Very creepy movie. The blu ray is loaded with bonus material like commentary with the directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, as well as creature make up effects and more.


Then we have he biggest film of all Re – Animator  directed by Stuart Gordan  and staring Jeffrey Combs, one of many many projects they would work on together . As well as From Beyond. Both are great films and also star Barbara  Compton. Jeffrey  Herbert West is what all mad scientist actors should strive for. It’s a great gory movie and filled with amazing practical effects. The dvd and blu ray come with a 70 min documentary on the making of the movie. From Beyond is a weird and oddly amazing Sci fi movie involving he Resonator a man made monster that taps into your inner thoughts and fucks  with them. From Beyond recently got released from Scream Factory a year ago, and is loaded with their bonus material.

DAGON is a movie I got to watch with Stuart Gordan and  his wife ( who also apears  in a lot of his films) at the last NecronomiCON  and it was a blast. Never have I had a movie in such a long time give me nightmares. A man and his fiance and their friends go on a fishing trip and end up in Innsmouth on a deserted island where he cult of Dagon lives. If you like half naked Sexy squid woman this is the movie for you.


Now The Dunwich  Horror is a movie I have seen only once and I will be seeing it and Dan o Bannon’s  35mm  cut of  Ancestry  at the NecronomiCON  this weekend. Dean Stockwell stars in this with his creepiest role yet. Dan also wrote the original draft for Alien. His wife attend the cons in his honor to show people his original un cut work.

If your from RI, tomorrow marks the 125th Birthday of Lovecraft  and their will be a candle light vigil at his grave in Providence  RI.

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