Mini Horror Reviews

We look at what’s on dvd now and in theaters in the horror genre.

A guy who does technology  reviews for a website gets a new app that could change his life. Little does he know if he spelt the app backwards he would relies it comes at a price ….his soul. Yup as weird as and Hellraiser 8 Hellworld comes the Devil with killer technology. A neat idea but not executed  very well. It’s like a wish granting app until the devil comes to collect. If the main character  was not such a bore I would have been more interested  in the story. The dvd has a scan code for the app to be used with your smart phone either I phone or Android. The app never loaded to the site so I never had a chance to preview it. The movie was directed by Franck Khalfoun, he also directed P2, Maniac and the unreleased  Amityville:The Reawakening.


Run Hide Die
A year after an accident involving the death of a loved one a girl and her  young group of 20 something party girls go to a cabin in the woods and drink and makeout then killed off one by one by one.
There was a great line in Indiana  Jones and the Temple of Doom. “You know the problem with her is all the noise” That’s what we get in this movie lots and lots of noise. Lots of death and too many screams. The plot is a little thin in trying to be this mystery  connecting the main heroine with the killer, who happens to be a woman do kudos for making another female serial killer  something we don’t get often. Not the best film the constant shrieking  was more annoying  than anything else. Directed by Collin Joseph Neal.

Sinister 2
The deputy (James Ransone) from the first movie is hot on the trail of Bughuul after Ehan Hawkes characted was killed.He encounters a mother and her two sons on the run from her husband living in the house that the deputy is trying to burn. Bughuul already has his sights set on the boys and wants one to kill their family. Biggest problem I had with this is all the melodrama of the abusive husband was more terrifying than the story it self. It was a neat idea of explaining  how the kids become corrupt  as we see the movie through  their eyes. The ghost kids talk way too much in this movie and really drag down the plot line with their constant yammering of why the home movies need to be watched. I guess after the first movie it was and cool idea to see how kids are corrupted and we don’t want just the mom or deputy puppy dog eyes to be the only one watching the movies. The movie was directed by Ciaran Foy who worked on a much better film called The Citadel in 2012.


The Gift
Not to be confused with the Sam Raimi movie of the same name from 2001. (Which may only be well known for a Katie Holmes nude scene). This stars Jason Bateman  who has moved him and his wife to a new home and are stalked by an old classmate from high school  he pulled a mean prank on.  The friend who also happens to be the director Joel Edgerton tries to get into their life in very unsuited creepy  ways. Gifts and tokens and then video taping them. It’s the super creepy part of the movie that makes the whole thing work really well. This movie was atmospheric  and the best kind of thriller after a summer of disappointing  horror movies.


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