Until Dawn

Horror survival has been on the up swing recently  which for this gamer has been boy a blessing for me  and a curse on my wallet.
Until Dawn by Supermassive  games was originally  suppose to come out for he PS3  but was delayed and they scrapped that to make it a PS4 exscullsive.


It’s a cabin in the woods slasher story. After the death of two characters  in the very beginning, a year later the friends of the victims are all invited back to the snow covered lodge and picked off one by one by the killer.
Now WHO gets killed off is left up too YOU the gamer, as the whole game is a choose your own adventure video game.
Choose Your Own Adventure  was a book series that has been around for years where as the reader takes different  paths in order to complete the story. The choises you make effect gsme out come. The game calls it The Butterfly Effect, not the movie staring Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart.


The game is filled with horror tropes and things you love and hate. It’s horny  teenagers and 20 something year olds at their worst. Ex bf and gf who still pine for each other check, bf trying to get his gf alone and naked check, the blonde character runs around naked and only wearing a towel check, creepy older character delivering cryptic messages check, ancient Indian burial check. You have to love the writers really being fans of Horror movies and their silly tropes.

Hayden Panettiere from Nashville and Heroes, Peter Stormare from The Black List 22 Jump Street and more, Brett Dalton from Agents of Shield and many more make up the voice acting talent as well as full motion 3D  scans of their faces to make the characters  seem alive.

The game has 100 different paths you can take to achieve what you need in the game, with so many different  variables Until Dawn will keep you entertained for hours. It’s worth picking up if you love Horror survivial.


3 Responses to “Until Dawn”

  1. Great review of Until Dawn, I’ve heard a lot of people say the game is good, so think I might have to treat myself to this one. Haven’t played a good survial horror game for a while, and this sounds great!

    • The game is very good it can seem short if you play it for hours on end in a single day but the replay is very good. Any choice you make you can’t undo in the game once you made it there is no going back.

      • Think its good that this game has such a high replay value. Also good to hear the choices you make can’t be undone, be that really addes to the excitment playing the game.

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