Jeepers Creepers Pedophilia

The new trailer for Jeepers Creepers 3 Cathedral  came out this week. The films have all been directed by Victor Salva who also directed Powder about a boy stuck by lighting at birth and looks like an Albino.
I saw Jeepers Creepers and thought the story and creature created were so cool. It also made me like Justin Long as an actor. Little did I know and a lot of my fellow horror fans know the truth. The director was a convicted child rapist. He had sex with a 12 year old boy years ago. After learning this I could not watch part 2 or ever want to support part 3. I don’t care who else was involved in the making of these movies. I only care that the director Victor a RAPIST is allowed to continue making movies. Fan needs to STOP supporting this real life monster and learn the facts of who their money is going too. It pays for a lifestyle he should never have. A rapist is worse than a murderous psycho in my opinion.

Do not buy this movie do not support his art. As a father of a little boy and a Horror movie fan I can’t be more disgusted with this
Google the story your self this is not HATE ranting on a movie like I do with Sparkle Vampires. This is hate for a child predator.


2 Responses to “Jeepers Creepers Pedophilia”

  1. that is disgusting didnt like the movie but you think they screened the people who make or act in the movie at least they should

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