The History of Metal and Horror.

A subject we have talked about on this show for many years. In fact I can’t think of any other music industry more connected to Horror than the metal music scene. Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osborne, Slayer, Helloween, The Misfits, out most recent band Altar of Dagon. They all have some connection  to the Horror genre.
Now a new documentary is coming out to explore the history and connection between the two.

The History of Metal and Horror” is a documentary which explores the evolution of both heavy metal and horror and how the two genres have merged over time. It is common for fans of metal to be fans of horror, and vice versa. 

Check out the link below from Indiegogo. You have less than 60 days to help fund this awesome project.

Mike Schiff serves as writer, director, producer, director of photography, and editor. Mike resides in the Bronx, NY and has spent the last year traveling the country in order to film the interviews. This project was initially made possible with friend, Robert L. Lucas who has strong ties in the horror and heavy metal industry.


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