Fall Mini Reviews Part 1

Hey every one been awhile since I did one of these the Horror movies have piled up on my so lets just dive right into them. We will have another list in a week or so as there are SOOOO MANY movies to go over.

Let start with the new kids movie

Hotel Transylvania 2

The sequel to the 2012 movie directed by Genndy Tartakovsky (creator director behind Samurai Jack and Star Wars The Clone Wars) brings back Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg Selena Gomez and more including Mel Brooks as Grandpa Vlad, in a funny Horror comedy for the family. I really enjoyed the first one and this one. It was recently announced by Sony they are making a part 3 but Genndy will not be returning. Mavis an John have a baby and Dracula is worried he wont be a monster. Check it out its awesome fun and just in time for Halloween.

Blood Sucking Bastards

A movie where Office Space meets corporate Vampires. Its a funny rom-com int he vein of Sean of The Dead. A office software programmer (Fran Kranz from Cabin in the Woods)  who says the worst thing to his smoking hot girl friend (Emma Fitzpatrick)  learns Vampires are taking over the office one employee at a time. With the help of his stoner best friend they have to take back the office one Vampire at a time. Brian James O’Connell directs one of the best sleeper comedies of the year.


The Visit  

M Night Shyamalan has had a rocky career since the 6th scene. With a few hits and a lot of shitty films like The Last Air Bender and after Earth, this is the first one in a long time I can say I really enjoyed. Yes you do see the twist coming if you put certain clues together and pay attention but I didn’t and I’m glad cuz I was not spoiled on anything I didn’t want to see. A couple of kids go to visit their grand parents and they act like the craziest people you ever met. Its not the best thriller ever made, but its better than the last time he made a movie.


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