Dr.Chris Record Spotlight Fall Edition part 1: Pet Semetary

Since this is he month of October  I thought I would do TWO vinyl reviews. One now for my new record and another at the end of the month in time for Hallowen. Based on the book by Steven King we have Pet Semetary  directed by Mary Lambert
Today we look at the soundtrack recently  released from Mondo Records Pet Semetary composed by Elliot Goldenthal

Elliot Goldenthal’s Pet Sematary record was his first mainstream movie score. He would go on to do many other great film scores such as In Dreams, Sphere, Interview with the Vampire and he won the Oscar for Frida.
Many critics and horror lovers have compared it to Jack Nitzsche’s soundtrack for The Exorcist.
The theme is inspired by Lalo Schifrin’s score to The Amityville Horror.


The score is very eerie in its movement thru out the movie, you get no sence of happiness with this music but non stop doom and foreboding evil coming down. The film has such a dark melody you can’t escape. From the family moving in to Gage death snd resurrection  there are tracks on all four redords. The last two on side D of record 2 contains two songs by the punk band he Ramones, Pet Semetary  being their more well known. Lyrics like “I don’t want to be buried in the pet Semetary I don’t want to live my life again…..ohhh nooo.” Can only come from the mind of Joey Ramone. It folds out in the picture  below in this image of the father carrying from he burning house a corpse, who that is I won’t spoil for you, go read the book then watch the movie.
The album comes in this slime green plastic and look fantastic  as it spins on your player. Pick it up now from Mondo Records before it sells out.




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