Dr.Chris Record Spotlight Fall Edition part 2 HALLOWEEN

Halloween a time of witches and goblins and gouls and ghosts and some of the best horror music this side of well a horror film.
John Carpenter score is so amazing and haunting it’s truly made for this eerie season.

His original score was released two years ago from Mondo Records in this new 45 vinyl album.  It’s wrote snd compared by John Carpenter. Along side John is The Bowling Green Philharmonic .

You get snips of dialogue in the film from Jamie Lee Curtis snd Donald Pleasence. You get this chill that runs down your spine when you hear the score.


If you look closely into the mouth of Michael Myers you can see his house very very creepy. The eyes are the blackest eyes, the Devils eyes.



A great spread of the iconic scene of Michael with Anne body.

It might be a bit hard to find as the record is now out of print and you will have to look hard and wide on ebay.

Hey I’m part of a Halloween blog tour this year please feel free to check out the other links to this tour

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  1. So very interesting!!! TY!!

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