Dr.Chris Record Spotlight: Dracula

Dracula staring Frank Langella as the count himself came out in 1980 with a great score by John Williams. The music was composed and conducted by Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra.

If your not familiar  with John Williams work, then I am ashamed at you, he is one of the most reconnizable conducted in the history of cinema, for films The Star Wars Saga episodes 1-7, Superman, Jaws,  Indiana Jones 1-4 and so many more.

It’s a dark Gothic macabre score for Williams, and his first Vampire score. It has a really nice feel and you can tell this is Williams work in the very beginning  of the movie as the helicopter flies over head as a tracking shot is used across the ocean to Dracula’s  Castle.

The vinyl it self is not much to look at in the way of anything artistic  or fancy compared to my previous vinyl reviews. With Langella on the front and the tracks on the back.

It’s a very romantic  piece of music something  I would put on for that date who enjoys the romance of the vampire.



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