Dr.Chris Record Spotlight : Star Wars

This month in honor of The Force Awakens coming to theaters today we look at the original  film soundtrack. Now instead of telling you all the features  with the soundtrack and why it’s so great, I’m going to share with you some memories.


This is STAR WARS wig music by the great John Williams  who has conducted  the score for all 6 previous  films. You don’t need me to tell you why it’s so epic and awesome. John won an Academy  Award for the score in 1978.
My father had a copy for many years and he gave me his when I got my own stereo. It was a little best up but still loved it none the same. I would listen to this for hours as a kid as we didn’t own a copy of the movie. This was he 80s and VS movies were not cheap. 
Years later I was at a flea market  and underneath a vendors table he had a box of dusty old records. I pulled it out and there it was almost as brand new as the day it was made in 1977. (In fact at the time of the movies release this the book and the comic by Marvel was the only real merchandise  you could find. For information on why just Google the history of Star Wars merchandise.)
It was great I coukd not belive how mint it was. I also found the sound track to The Empire Strikes Back as well.


Below you can see some great pictures from the copy I bought to replace my father’s old worn out and over played one. As well as the rare and super cool art poster insert found with in the slip case.





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    See the original pictures of Star Wars where it all started. Enjoy the new movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens in theaters everywhere.

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