Dr.Chris Record Spotlight: Army of Darkness

Mondo Records has been doing an excellent  job with their vinyl releases. This month for the first of the year we spot light ARMY OF DARKNESS. Directed by Sam Raimi and staring Bruce Campbell. Another reason I’m doing this in January  is Ash vs Evil Dead just completed  its first season on Starz  network. Now some fans may have read Bruce Campbell that due to legal reasons hey can’t use Army of Darkness as part of the tv shows story line. None the less it splits the time line between the two films. Actually it’s three time lines if you count the remake as well.


The music is composed by Joseph  LoDuca, with the March of the Dead theme by Danny Elfman (Batman,Spider-Man, Bettlejuice, and many others). The march of the dead has this up lifting foreboding score which is a lot of fun. You can tell the difference  between Elfman and LoDuca. The music is performed by the Seattle Symphony  Orchestra  and Chorus. The music is perfect for the perfect  mix of medieval adventure and horror this movie is. In other countries this title is Evil Dead 3 Medieval Dead.


The record it self is on two 18 gram lp and never before released on vinyl before. The cover has a great art by Richey Beckett, he did the inside jacket too. The album comes with mini evil Ashs a few little cardboard Ashes for fun. There are two style of records the traditional  black and a blue snd white vortex color, this one sold out very quickly  and I was only able to obtain the black.


If you are a huge fan of the Evil Dead universe this is worth picking up. Wax Records will be releasing the Evil Dead 2 Dead by Dawn soundtrack soon and also worth picking up.



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