Mini Reviews 2016

Been awhile since I  had a massive thing of reviews on my page I thought I start with the 3 horror movies that hit theaters in 2016. Its all female horror as every film on the list stars a female as the lead character, sometimes the only character thru most of the films.

The Forrest


What a boring movie, based on a neat and original idea. Based in the Black Forest of Japan, Aokigahara Forest which is considered the number two spot to kill your self behind the Golden Gate Bridge.  Staring Queen Margaery of Game of Thrones,  Natalie Dormer as Twin Sisters Jess and Sara Price. Sara goes into the forest disappears her sister goes looking for her and encounters the Ghost of the Forest and a tour guide who may or may not be as he seems. Directed by Jason Zada writer of one of my favorite new Horror movies The House October Built it  don’t seem like its the same style. House really had a sense of a horror movie that kept you griping and I loved it and the original found footage move made. The Forest is needlessly confusing with little to no character development and barely any conversational dialogue. Over use of CGi and too little scares make it a mundane film.

The Boy

A long stretch of a movie that takes a bit too long to deliver the reveal of the movie. Staring The Walking Dead Laura Cohen as an American Nanny who is hired by a elderly British couple to look after their son only to find out its a doll made too look like their dead kid. I don’t understand who Laura hides her British accent as she her self is English and plays the American but at least its not the forced Southern Accent from TWD. I digress, the movie has this SHOCKING PLOT POINT revealed ( I’m going to spoil it for you The boy didn’t died he is a full grown man living in the walls.) It makes no sense how they get there. The entire time your thinking back after the reveal to the different clues they tried to leave behind and they don’t make any sense. This is an ok movie and better than the Forest but not by much. Directed by William Brent Bell who also did Stay Alive and The Devil Inside. Neither of which are very good either.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies


Based on the book by Jane Austin and Seth Grahame Smith we have the classic story but now with Zombies. It is not the plot from Austin’s Novel blow by ZOmbie Blow but its a fun movie to watch. Lily James plays the heroine of the movie who can handle her self and does not feel as though she should marry if not in love. Something that is carried over in many of Austin’s novels. She and her sisters take on men with bad intentions and Zombies who want to eat them alive. She discovers a sinister plot and is swooned by a man she considers an ass hole thru most of the movie played by Sam Riley the infamous Mr. Darcy. Another movie staring Game of Thrones actors this time Cersi Lannister Lena Headey and her father Tywin Lannister Charles Dance.  We also get a bafooning Matt Smith which acts very much like the Doctor would in a Zombie Armageddon. There is something I really love about a woman in Victorian era dress killing Zombies swinging a sword. The movie is entertaining and worth a watch just don’t expect the Walking Dead Level of gore and violence as its PG13, most likely to draw in that younger audience who read the book.

Both the Boy and PPZ are playing at The Black Stone Valley Cinema in Millbury MA.



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