Resident Evil HD Collection

What is old is new again and in better shape than ever with CapcomResident Evil HD collection. Bringing you back to the first two games in the time line you can explore the twisted horror mansion all over again.
If you played these before but only on the original Playstation or the Game cube then you can check out the newly enhanced graphics and game play. In RE1  gone are the tank controls which were some of the worst designs in the series.
You get better graphics but the same awful dialogue. They seems to take the setting from the Game cube remastered version of the original Resident Evil to make the layout in the HD version.


(Bio hazard is the name of the series  in Japan which makes a lot of sense considering they leave the RESIDENCE  after the first game)

Every detail is the same almost with some slight changes like when you beat Zero you can play the Wesker mode where you have super speed snd agility to do more hand to hand combat. Of cource all of Weskers  lines are still Billy Cowen the escaped Prisoner that Rebecca teams up with. Rebecca also has a Wesker  mode with the glowing scared attached to her chest.
Both games have several costumes you can choose from for dress up including looks from other games for Jill and Chris in RE1.
In RE1 when a Zombie dies if you don’t destroy the head the body disappears and later on in stead of a hunter you get a Red Dead Zombie, much faster and harder to kill.

The stinted dialogue is still here making you cringe every other word that is spoken.

He set has a 40 price tag but you can also digitally download the game you want to play and skip buying the other for 20 on Xbox and Play Station network. Coming soon it was announced a new HD version  of RE 2. We ,a also be getting  Resident Evil 7 a CGI animated film based on the first game and of cource Paul WS  Anderson  new film will be out late this year.

It seems to be the best time to be a Resident Evil fan.
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3 Responses to “Resident Evil HD Collection”

  1. Had no idea there was a HD version of Biohazard. Might check it out. Always enjoyed the Resident Evil series of games, especially the first 3

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