WTF this is the Ghostbusters

This looks like a CGI mess of a movie with a few things I like and a lot I didn’t like what the fuck did they do to Ghostbusters

Let’s remake Ghostbusters like Sony Made the Amazing Spider-Man movies just for right’s and money and bull shit. Like the LAST Nightmare on elm st movie, no heart no soul, just a quick buck



6 Responses to “WTF this is the Ghostbusters”

  1. Ok I think you were being extremely generous by using WTF *just* once – because I found myself almost vomiting as soon as I heard the…excuse me was that piano tinkling the original score?!!?!! And as a liberal woman and once-upon-a-time child of the 80s can I just WTF this again because WHY does this have to become a woman power/feminist issue? I mean, REALLY? WTF!

    • chrisdsav Says:

      This is a piss poor example of feminism this is a CGI shit storm I got into an argument with some dumb waitress at a dinner in Salem about this movie cuz she tried to tell me how I would not understand.

      • OMFG. What is there to understand? I’m sorry but feminism and women’s lib has NOTHING to do with making every damn thing about women. What a bunch of BS. And remaking a classic in this way is absurd, to put it in PC terms. But considering what they did with the remake of National Lampoon’s Vacation, this doesn’t surprise me at all.

      • chrisdsav Says:

        It stars a couple really crappy actors, why are they screaming at each other, why is there so much CGI garbage did NO ONE learn from JR Abrams he made a movie with REAL EFFECTS and sets and creatures.

        You are a bit more passionate and upset about this than I was ………and I say thank you

      • Yeah probably because I STILL think that no one, and I mean no one who ever watched the real, original movie is ever not going to know the only correct answer to the question “who you gonna call?”. Plus, not a huge fan of Melissa McCarthy and I absolutely *loathe* Kristin Wiig who, in my completely unabashed, unvarnished personal opinion is a talentless hack benefiting from droves of undiscerning audiences.

      • chrisdsav Says:

        So say we all

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