The Clownpocalypse


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the “killer clown” epidemic. Although they’re mostly just in America, I’ve read that they’re in Nova Scotia, Ontario, and some parts of Australia too! So I’ve decided to briefly tell you about the clown sightings you probably aren’t seeing on the news, if you’re living in America!

So far in Australia nothing has happened other than a couple sightings outside of night clubs. I don’t believe any threats have been made either. However the clowns have only been in town for about a day, so we’ll see.

In Nova Scotia the clown stood in the middle of the road which forced the driver to stop her car. After she stopped her car the clown came running towards her and chased her down the street.

In Ontario(in the city I live in too, actually) threats have been made to schools, but nothing has actually happened. However, in Ontario they believe that the threats were actually made by students to get out of class today. Why? It’s the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. The police suspect the kids wanted to turn their three day weekend into a four day weekend.

So why are people suddenly taking an interest in dressing up as clowns and scaring the shit out of people? Who decided to start this new trend? Is this just a way to get people in the Halloween spirit? Or will the “clownpocalypse” continue on past Halloween?

Dr. Chris and I will be getting into more detail about the “killer clowns” on our next show this Sunday at 12am! Be sure to tune in to hear more!


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