“Tales from The Crypt” Re-Boot! Issue No.1 Review

The “Tales from The Crypt” series have always been among my all time favorite horror comics. So, when I heard that EC Comics (through publishers Super Genius) were planning a re-boot of the series, I was thrilled! Last week I scoured the shelves of comic shops all over Manhattan till I finally found a copy of “Tales from The Crypt No. 1” Cover A! (There are four different covers! A, B, C, and D from four different artists!)

Cover A was done by Joylon Yates with JayJay Jackson:

Cover B was done by Dean Haspiel:

Cover C was done by Bob Camp:

Cover D was done by Russ Heath:

(Photos of covers accessed from MyComicShop.com where you can find these and other comic titles for sale!) 
The three stories in “Tales from The Crypt” No. 1 are “Die-Vestment” (By Writer Stefan Petrucha, Artist Joylon Yates, Colorist JayJay Jackson, and Letterer Tom Orzechowski), “Zombie Bank” (By Writers David Anthony Kraft & Onrie Kompan, Artist and Colorist Miran Kim, and Letterer Tom Orzechowski), and “The Werewolf on Wall Street” (By Writer Scott Lobdell, Artist John McCrea, Colorist Dee Cunniffe, and Letterer Tom Orzechowski). 
Without giving away any spoilers about the stories in this issue, I have to say that “Zombie Bank” was my favorite. I am a sucker for horror stories that touch on very “normal” situations (work, office flirtations/romance, arguments with your boss, etc.) but showcase them in the blood red light of the horror genre. With all three stories having the continuous theme of money and greed, centered around Wall Street, it brings our beloved series into the new post-Great-Recession era. 

In “The Crypt-Keepers Corner” of issue No.1 there is an interview with Jim Salicrup. It’s actually an excerpt from an interview Salicrup did for Comic Shop News called “Jim Salicrup UnenCRYPT-ed”. There is a great quote from the interview which sums up the main idea behind the new “Tales of The Crypt” series: 
“We are trying to create stories that are scary, and also have that unique quality of dark humor that the original ‘Tales from The Crypt’ comics had. Yet, we’re also trying to do stories that are a bit more modern. In other words, what if the original series never stopped, and it was still being published today? That’s what we’re aiming for.” 

I can’t wait to see what terrors the next issue brings! Go pick up a copy of “Tales of The Crypt” No 1. today!   


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