Steven Shea of Abyssmal Entertainment

Hey Radio of Horror, Jess-O-Lantern here! And today I present to you the terrifying mastermind behind Abyssmal Entertainment, the International Award-Winning STEVEN SHEA! In my years of creeping around the swamps of FL I had the privilege of meeting him and getting familiar with his work.  He will be a guest on this weeks Radio of Horror! But in the mean time, here is a little bit about Steven Shea!  

            Steven Shea has been working in the entertainment industry since he was 16 years old. Starting out in the local television market in the Florida Keys where he grew up, he eventually made his way to Orlando where he founded Abyssmal Entertainment in 2002. His first feature film he wrote and directed, “The Night Owl”, was distributed globally in the Summer of 2005. In 2008, “Hoodoo For Voodoo”, Steven’s 2nd feature he wrote and directed was released on DVD. Steven garnered some awards on the international festival circuit with the horrific short film “2:22” in 2009, which has been distributed through Hulu & FearNet. “Doomsday County” is a horror anthology film that he co-directed and produced that was released worldwide through Troma Inc in 2013. The comedy web series “The Interrogationists” was released in the summer of 2014 through Funny Or Die. He was a Producer on the feature films “Last Shift”, “Rockabilly Zombie Weekend”, “The Unbroken”, “Deadly Weekend”, “Two Days”, and “Andre the Butcher”.

He co-wrote his first Horror novel “Film FestEvil” in 2016, based on a screenplay he had written. He lives in Los Angeles, CA with his wife Melanie, and son Victor

You can find more on Steven Shea and is work at 

In addition, check out his latest project, directing the newest music video for Austrian Horror Punk band, KITTY IN A CASKET!


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