Jess-O-Lantern Presents: Dead End Lane!

Greetings Radio of Horror, Jess-O-Lantern here! And today I bring you the wonders of punk/hardcore fiends DEAD END LANE! 

Hailing from Baltimore, MD and Northern VA, Dead End Lane has been described as “Three Punks and Rosie the Riveter singing.” They write super catchy punk melodies, fast and aggressive hardcore songs, and have a touch of horror punk. Which, in combination, will pique any true punk rocker’s desires! Drawing influences from bands like Rancid, The Misfits, and The Distillers. Dead End Lane also dangles out one old school 50s/60s doo-wop song on every album given the band’s interests in the evolution of true melodies from artists like Dion, Elvis, and The Temptations. While their influences range across the punk spectrums, Dead End Lane is it’s own band with it’s own style, sarcastically creative humor, intense performances, and Dead End Lane never writes the same song twice.

Dead End Lane’s guitarist Salacious T gave us a little back story on how the band was formed, their recent tours, and what is in store for their future! 

“Dead End Lane formed when I (originating member and guitarist/writer) met vocalist Erin Demise and DEL began its current foray into the punk scene. With liked-minded influences ranging from The Misfits, The Nekromantix, Rancid, The Distillers, The Horror Pops, Blood For Blood and Balzac, the two hit it off immediately. Also avid fans of the 1950s, fans at DEL shows can expect to hear at least one 50’s influenced song or a revamped 50’s cover. After many great lineups, the current lineup is Erin on vocals, the Salacious T on guitar and back up vocals, Josh on bass and backup vocals, and Anthony on drums. Colin is also the bassist on DEL’s first full length album that was released in June 2016, Bring Out Your Knives. T and Colin have been best friends for almost 30 years now and Colin played with the band for two years from April 2014-April 2016. The current lineup and lineup for the past two years has been insanely energetic on stage with members jumping and spinning everywhere and flying into the crowd. DEL has consistently played regionally and up and down the east coast with numerous tours already completed in 2016, including all the way down to Miami playing the infamous Churchill’s Pub with more to come!”

In late October 2013, Dead End Lane’s singer and front woman, Erin “Demise” Maltese, was one of the recording back-up vocalists for the Misfits 10/13 EP release, singing on their cover of “Science Fiction Double Feature”. (I am a HUGE Rocky Horror fan, having been on The Rich Weirdoes shadow cast in Orlando for 4 years, and OF COURSE a big Misfits fan as well. So this video made me VERY happy! Erin Demise performing the song live with The Misfits! Check it out on the YouTube link below!) 

Having opened for national acts such as The Misfits, Marky Ramone, Michale Graves, The Adicts, The Independents, The Business, Mephiskapheles, the Hub City Stompers, The Creepshow, The Pietasters, JuiceheaD, Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes and Calabrese, DEL’s exposure to the local scene and national punk scenes continues to grow, perform, and tour with only more to come!

You can find more on Dead End Lane here!…

And you can check out some of their rockin’ tunes here!…..

And watch more of Dead End Lane on YouTube here!…

Thank you Dead End Lane for supporting Radio of Horror! And thank YOU readers! Stay tuned my fiends, becuase my next feature article will showcase a company that will really make you SCREAM! 😉 


One Response to “Jess-O-Lantern Presents: Dead End Lane!”

  1. Amazing article Jess, I enjoy your writing and really enjoyed your music on the other podcasts, I caught some of your other work on youtube

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