Jess-O-Lantern Presents: SCREAM FOR ME INC.

Hey Radio of Horror, Jess-O-Lantern here! And today I present to you a creepy customizable company guaranteed to make you scream! SCREAM FOR ME, INC! 

Creator Kirby Robinson got to chat with us about his company, supply and demand at horror conventions, and what makes Scream For Me Inc. so unique! 

“I formed my company just 2 years ago in late December 2014. I’ve been going to horror conventions since 2008 and over the years I just noticed that each convention in the Midwest always had the same vendors selling the same stuff. While there were and are a lot of awesome vendors out there I felt that there was a serious lack of variety and thought I could fill the gap with products no one else was making or selling. I started off small with making phone cases, coffee mugs, wallets, and some buttons. Then eventually I started making patches and the business really took off. As far as I know, I’m the only company that will do 1 off custom patches, whereas most companies have a minimum order of 20 or more. I also do custom orders on anything that I make. Not just custom patches!

Now here we are 2 years later and I’ve had my official website since October 2015. My website is filled with tons of items from home décor to patches and even some Christmas ornaments. I make everything on the website myself except for the screen printed t-shirts and women’s undies. I’m always looking to expand and branch out and even work with other artists and vendors. I will be traveling and selling at a lot more horror conventions in 2017 as well, so please be on the look out to see if Scream For Me Inc. will be in your area!”

Speaking of horror conventions, I heard through the social media grape vine that Scream For Me Inc. will be vending at this April’s SPOOKY EMPIRE in Orlando, FL! (My hometown, and my home-base Horror Con!) If you live anywhere near the Central Florida area, go to Spooky Empire in April and check out Scream For Me Inc.! (

You can check out Kirby’s line of creepy custom goodies at:

And you can also check them out on Instagram (@ScreamForMeInc), and Facebook (Scream For Me Inc.)


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