End of an Era

Toys R Us is going out of business.

Big news for Horror sci-fi and fnatasy toy fans video game collectors and more.

After months of speculation and financial trouble in the bankruptcy process, the once-frequented toy store chain is closing up shop.

On NPR just an hour ago , Toys R Us alerted employees Wednesday that the store’s parent company would be closing all of its United States locations or selling them. The news comes just hours after the company announced plans to close all of its United Kingdom stores.


The information came from an anonymous source, NPR said, as the company has yet to file an official liquidation, publicly at least. That source said they’re unaware how long it would be before stores start shutting down.

Toys R Us, founded in 1948 at Children’s Discount Supermarts, was the go-to place for generations of kids looking to pick up the latest toy or video game. At one time, Toys R Us was a cultural phenomenon, and people knew the company’s name from shopping sprees on gameshows to the can’t-miss appearance of Geoffrey the giraffe.

With my local store there has barley been any employees to find help with.

Stores have already started closing as part of an earlier wave of shutdowns, so expect an official filing in the coming days.


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