E3 Gaming

Lots of great E3 gaming news this past week. Also some not so great news as many of you heard Friday the 13th the Game has been caught up in the lawsuit between Victor Miller and Sean Cunningham. Make sure you check out trailers for The Last of Us Chapter 2, Resident Evil 2 Remake, and Call of Cthulhu. Vampyr came out last week but I have not had a chance to buy it yet. Check out the E3 trailer for Call below. This is I belive coming out this year.


3 Responses to “E3 Gaming”

  1. That Call of Cthulhu game looks really creepy and atmospheric! Will have to check that one out!

    • chrisdsav Says:

      Def cant wait I hope it is coming this year….cant wait for Spiderman in. Sept

      • The Call of Cthulhu games schedules for a 2018 release, but the actual date is still TBC. Hopefully we’ll know soon. The trailer was really good! I’m really looking foward to Spider-Man as well, that is going to be a fun game to play!

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