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Art and Comic Con

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TOnight on the show I hope you been paying attention tot eh contest I been running for the THING art book cuz we have the man in charge of that on the show with us to talk about the THING art book. Then We have Cosplay Mastro Pat Covey on the show to talk about the Boston Comic Con happening Next weekend.





Comic Con and Nightmares

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Tonight on the show I have Nick one of the heads of the Boston Comic Con on the show with me to talk about this years con. THEN joining me on skype my friend Stephanie Wiley joins me to talk with Lisa Wilcox from Nightmare on Elm St Part 4 and 5, she played the heroine Alice. I will also have music from Nightmare Part 4 playing tonight.





Artists and Directors

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Tonight on the show we have Rich Clabaugh on the show with us the writer and artist on The Grave yard Gang a color full monster comic for kid Horror fans. If you liked the most recent movie Box Trolls check out this book here

The later on from image Entertainment we have the directors of Paranormal Diaries:ClopHill and The Devil’s Advocate

I will be playing the music form Helloween tonight and Pam and I will talk about Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural and Alien, as this Tuesday on all consoles (except the WiiU cuz Microsoft and Sony does what NINTENDONT) Alien Isolation comes out.


Boston Comic Con Recap!

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On the show tonight, Dr. Chris and Pam are talking super heroes vs. supernatural creatures,
Locke and Key, Spiderman, X-Men, meeting Rachel Deering, the Hobbit, Vampires vs. Zombies, the Fables panel, cosplay, meeting Steven Niles 30 Days of Night, Scott Snyder the writer and co-creater of American Vampire and Batman, Aiden Turner from BBC’s Being Human
…AND the 12th Doctor