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John Bellairs

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Tonight on the show we have a very special guest with us the Widow of John Bellairs. Priscilla will talk about the authors history and her relationship with him. We will also be talking about the upcoming movie adaptation of  The House with a Clock in its Walls Directed by Eli Roth and written by Eric Kripke creator of Supernatural.


Goth Dance

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Coming up in the MA area of WORCESTER (fyi its the home of Radio of Horror) At Ralphs Rock Diner on Thursday May 31st 2018. Amazing Gothic music just right for our show. Check out a preview of their music this coming Sunday night.

A night of Dance and Darkness!!


Sisters of Shaddowwe

House of Harm

Hosted by Mike Bonetti

Summer Movie Preview

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Tonight on the show the Blonde in the Front Row joins me again to this time talk about the Summer Movies of 2018. Then we have the writer of The Nightmare Patrol Jeffrey Haas on the show with us. Music tonight will be from Phantom of the Opera on vinyl from the classic silent film.



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AT LONG LAST and I know this was announced back in Feb but I only found out today. (one of my local Game Stops is run by morons sometimes not to be cruel but I have expressed interest in this game MULTIPLE times) This is coming June 5th.

The game focuses on Dr. Jonathan Reid and his affliction with vampirism. As he encounters various citizens of 1918 London, Reid struggles with the juxtaposition between his duty to heal as a doctor and his need to feed as a vampire. Should players choose to indulge Reid’s curse, they must decide which citizens will become his next victims and, depending on how intimately Reid gets to know those citizens, how Reid will live with the consequences of his curse.

Also there is an amazing cover of the Blue Oyster Cult Song Here as the them to the Game

Kip Weeks—Cancelled

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Cancelled and will play later this summer, in place we have the director of the Gargoyles fan film on the show with us.


Tonight on the show we have Kip Weeks from The Strangers on the show with us to talk about Wicked Bird Media Movie about him and the legacy of his amazing 2008 horror movie The Strangers.  As well as the sequel which came out this past March and his feeling behind that. Make sure you head over to and order a copy of the new blu-ray today.

Music tonight will be from Super Castlevania 4.



A Camp of Nightmares

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Tonight on the show we have Director Vincente DiSanti of NEVER HIKE ALONE the Friday the 13th fan film.  We will be playing a song from that film as well.

We also have the soundtrack to Nightmare Part 4 The Dream Master in honor of the 30th Anniversary of that great film.

Drive Ins and Dark Nights

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Tonight on the show from the Drive In Horror Show we have Michael Neel returning to the show  talking to us about the new anthology of Horror him and his partner Greg have released. Then Michael Bailey from many comic book related podcast joins us once again but this time to talk about BATMAn vs the Supernatural.

Music tonight will be from the vinyl soundtrack of the Drive In Horror Show Movie.