Murdered Soul Survivor

Play as a ghost detective solve you own murder in Salem Massachusetts. These are all cool aspects of a game I have been looking forward too for a few months. Then it came out and I was not nearly as excited. Its an ok game and the plot is really good with a who dun it feel. But the game play is really simple and not nearly as detective as it could be.
It really feels dumb downed and when your trying to find clues its just looking around for highlighted areas u press the action button for.

You can help other spirits move on but its doing the same thing your doing for your own story line. Maybe possessing someone to do your work for you and looking thru areas asking true or false questions and not just randomly selecting answers would have been the right way to program the game.
Combat is sneaking up on demons and grabbing them and this part of the game almost has nothing to do with the game it self till the very end its revealed who’s behind the demons, so bear with some uninteresting combat. If you could possess a cop and use them to do limited combat that would be very cool.

Ronan O’ Connor is kind of interesting but the dialog he is written is not nearly as cool as the game developers think it is. The character Joy is this punk girl with an attitude trying to find her Medium ( someone who can talk to ghosts) mother. I wish we could have more of Salem to explore the bits of town we got don’t look much like Salem in some regards and in others it does. Showing some of the major landmarks in Salem would have been nice. The atmosphere and mood of the game is very very spooky at times and playing with the lights off in the dark can really get you in the mood.

If you want to check it out sure but I would wait till the price comes down a bit as this is not worth the full price they charge 50-60$$


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