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14th Anniversary Show

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Tonight we celebrate our 14th Anniversary of Radio of Horror with our guest tonight being Larry Kenny best known for the voice of Count Chocula the cereal box character and Lion-O lord of the Thundercats. This year is the 50th Anniversary of the Monster Cereal so I thought it be a perfect time to have Larry on the show.

Also tonight we will have Author Tosca Lee on to talk about her older books and new book coming soon. Music tonight will be from Elvira Heavy Metal classic Horror tunes. Tune in at 10 pm est 91.3 fm wcuw

Monstah Xpo and KL Studios

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.Tonight on the show We have Joe and Wendy the owners and operators of Massachusetts new Horror Convention Monstash Xpo. Monstah Xpo is a horror-themed pop culture exposition with 60+ curated artists, creators, movie makers, vendors, & special celebrity Guests. Then we have the acquisition and producer of KL Studios Classics on with us to talk about the upcoming Kolchak The Night Stalker Bluray Release. Music tonight will be from Monster House and the 2018 Halloween Show starts at 10:00pm est

http://www.wcuw. org you can tune in.

Tom Savini Documentary

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Special Makeup Effects legend, Actor, Director, Stuntman. Tom Savini has redefined the horror genre with his arsenal on talents. But who is the man behind the “King of Splatter?” From his his childhood in Pittsburgh, PA; to his tour of duty during Vietnam, to his beginnings with George A. Romero and beyond. SMOKE AND MIRRORS is the defining documentary on the life and career of horror icon Tom Savini.Featuring Tom Savini, Danny McBride, Robert Rodriguez, Danny Trejo, Alice Cooper, Greg Nicotero, Tom Atkins, Corey Feldman, Doug Bradley, Bill Moseley, and more!From Wild Eye Releasing, director Jason Baker’s SMOKE AND MIRRORS on Digital October 19

Like a Dirty French Novel

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Like A Dirty French Novel

LIKE A DIRTY FRENCH NOVEL, a riveting, high-energy mix of PULP FICTION and LOST HIGHWAY, is a grindhouse noir following a sexually-charged phone operator, two estranged twin brothers, and a cosplaying femme fatale. Directed and co-written by Michael Cuenca, the film premieres at Dances With Films film festival, August 28

Short Films

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Tonight on the show Dylan Clark talking about his bizzaro short films that will indeed chill your bones, Music tonight since it was just Friday the 13th we have the music from the Friday the 13th tv show and the new band coming up on the show soon Cliff and Ivy.

Friday the 13th the Tv Series

Courtney Gains and Record Store Day

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Tonight on the show we have Courtney Gains best known for his roles in CHILDREN OF THE CORN and THE BURBS, he joins us tonight to talk about new movies and sings a song as well. Music tonight will be from the ALIEN AND ALIENS scores on vinyl, I picked up the Aliens, People Under the Stairs and The Matrix scores on vinyl yesterday at Record Store Day at That’s Entertainment in Worcester Ma. Tune in tonight at 1030pm est

#vinyl #recordstoreday #courtneygains

Steve Mitchell Looks Back

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Tonight Writer and commentator Steve Mitchell comes on the show to talk about the Buck ROgers Sci Fi Bluray Box set as well as the crazy over the top killer robot movie Chopping Mall and some hints at the upcoming Kolchak the Night Stalker blu-ray box set

Music tonight will be from a variety of Sci Fi Properties

Suzanne DeLaurentiis

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Tonight on the show we return to the Radio of Horror Studios at WCUW with a new guest Suzanne De Laurentiis host of AppleTV and Amazon Prime’s SUZANNE’S SATURDAY NIGHT SCARE, then the music will be from the scifi jazz variety in the form of one of my favorite Anime cartoons ever COWBOY BEBOP . This will be played on a brand new vinyl album I just picked up


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Tonight on the show we have Jason Miller Artist Writer behind Death School an old school slasher horror story. Currently running on Kickstarter. The we have from the Snyder Cut Justice League movie C. Amanda Maud, a Minor supporting character cut from he theatrical version but put into the Snyder Cut. Music tonight in honor of her return to the film will be continue from the JL animated series cd set I played a few weeks ago.

#horrorcomics #justiceleague

Jason Miller’s Death School. An old school horror slasher by Jason Miller — Kickstarter

Justin Price and the Evil Dead

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Tonight on the show is writer producer Director Justin Price on the show to talk about his new movie, Wrong Place Wrong Time has come out recently

Music tonight is from the vinyl record of THE EVIL DEAD

Comic Books

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Tonight on the show we have Wendy Steen Shaner on the show again to talk about Naughty Faeries Stripper Assassins

Music tonight will be of the superhero variety JL the Animated Series, Interview will play at 1030pm est

Supernatural and Cat People

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Tonight on the show we have Kim Rhodes from Supernatural on the show with u, she plays Sheriff Jodi Mills she came on my podcast Supernatural Creatures and lore Early this year. Music tonight from the movie Cat People and I know what you did last Summer on vinyl records. Show starts at 10pm est on

Locke and Key Meets Sandman

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IDW Previews Four Tantalizing Pages from
2021’s Most Hotly Anticipated Comic Book Crossover, Locke & Key / The Sandman Universe: Hell & Gone

Two Beloved Fantasy/Horror Comic Book Series
Collide in an Exclusive First Look by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez

SAN DIEGO, CA (March 9, 2021) – New York Times bestselling novelist Joe Hill and superstar artist Gabriel Rodríguez have crafted a tale of mystery and terror, bringing together two of comics’ greatest fantasy franchises — their award-winning series Locke & Key published by IDW and DC’s blockbuster The Sandman, created by Neil GaimanSam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg — in Locke & Key / The Sandman Universe: Hell & Gone #1, slated for release on April 14th.
With a hit Netflix Original Series Locke & Key adaptation produced by IDW Entertainment heading into its second season and anticipation building with recent casting developments for Netflix’s upcoming The Sandman, there’s never been a better time for these brilliant comic book universes to collide, and IDW is proud to debut the opening scene of this mature-themed miniseries for all the world to enjoy.
“Without Sandman, I don’t know if there ever would’ve been a Locke & Key,” says Hill. “Neil Gaiman’s stories taught Gabriel and me how to tell ours. The Sandman series is to comics what J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings was to fantasy and maybe what Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was to rock & roll: it’s the Alpha & Omega of dark fantasy in this format. Neil dreamt up all the best toys, and what a thrill it’s been to play with them. Maybe the biggest surprise is how well, how naturally, these series lace together. It’s like they’ve always been waiting for each other.”
Rodríguez adds, “An idea we started discussing with Joe as a joke became a Dream once and now the stars aligned to lend us the Key to open the gate to a story that means so much to us! Both Joe and myself fell in love deeper than ever with comics thanks to a generation of genius creators guided by editor Karen Berger in DC’s Vertigo line. They brought to the medium a breath of insane, mind-bending fresh air rarely seen before. Morpheus’ saga is directly responsible for inspiring the foundation of Keyhouse, the crafting of the magic keys, and the family saga of Locke & Key. To have these universes weave together in a multi-dimensional, gut-wrenching, and heartbreaking adventure is indeed a Dream UnLocked.”
Hell & Gone #1 follows a desperate Mary Locke, whose brother Jack may be 10 years dead but still sends letters home from Hell. Her quest to rescue him from The Pit will require her to outsmart Roderick Burgess (the most wicked man in England), puzzle her way through the House of Mystery, and risk the walking nightmare known as The Corinthian in a disintegrating Kingdom of Dreams!
“Every time a new page comes in, it drives home the point that this series is a real thing and not just a dream,” says series editor Chris Ryall. “And in the hands of Joe and Gabriel, what an amazing dream-like treat this is going to be for both series’ legions of fans.”
Nachie Marsham, IDW Publisher, says, “Infinitely imaginative and flawlessly executed, the continuing tales of Locke & Key serve as an inspiration for all of us, teaching us lessons anew about the power of visual storytelling. In crossing over with The Sandman Universe, we find a seamless harmony of vision, themes, and aesthetic. Joe and Gabriel have created another masterpiece.”
Locke & Key / The Sandman Universe: Hell & Gone #1 will be available with multiple cover variants for retailers and fans to enjoy, including Cover A by Gabriel Rodríguez, Cover B by JH Williams III (BatwomanThe Sandman: Overture), Cover C by Kelley Jones (BatmanThe Sandman), and two Retailer Incentive editions featuring art by Rodríguez and Williams, respectively.

Christine Nguyen

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Interviews will be placed here or the you tube channel going forward. If you missed her on the show a month ago check it out now my interview with Actress/Model/ Chef Christine Nguyen

No Show Tonight

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Each year I always have one or two weekends off from the show cuz of weather or conventions or the pandemic, tonight is no exception, we have heavy snow fall happening in New England but fear not we have a cool review to share with you from Cati the Blonde in Front of Fear

Living Dead Girl Band

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Tonight the music and Guest is MOLLY RENNICK lead singer and model of Living Dead Girl. She is a model on her site and Only Fans as well as Daughters of Darkness a book of Erotic Artistic nude photographs by Jeremy Saffer whos our gust nest week. Music will also be from the second half of the Forever Knight Soundtrack we started playing last week. Interview plays at 1030pm est

Journalists Episode

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Tonight on the show we have Nathan Hanneman Editor and Chief of HORROR HOUND magazine, he comes on to talk about his super successful Kickstarter Halftone Horrors a History Horror movie Comics Magazine, then we have Geek Pop culture Journalist/ Film maker/model Kari Lane on the show with us, music tonight will be from Forever Night Season 2

Film and Video Game Soundtracks

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Tonight on the show we have a composer on with us. Jason Graves from the Dead Space Video games The Dark Pictures: Little Hope  Magnum PI (current) and the Current Tomb Raider franchise. Music tonight will be from his amazing body of Work thru out the evening. The show will start at 1030pm est tonight due to new Covid 19 restrictions put in place by the station. I don’t know folks complain to him.

The Last Starfighter

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Tonight on the show is LANCE GUEST from The Last Star Fighter and at the end of the show we have a special guest surprise for Lance, IM beyond excited for this interview. The music tonight will be from TLS and DIE HARD cuz it is a Christmas movie.

Authors and Actresses

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Tonight on the show we have Author Steve Van Samson(Author and Parasitic Podcaster) to talk about his upcoming Fantasy Novel Mark of the Witchwyrm and then from the new horror show L.A Macabre we have Actress Ryan Bartley also known for her voice over work in alot of animation most specifically Neon Genesis Evangelion playing Rei Ayanami. Music tonight will be from the entire Nightmare before Xmas Soundtrack and Batman Returns. at 10pm est