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Image United

Posted in Books on November 28, 2009 by chrisdsav

In 1992 Image the company that would be the biggest rival to Marvel and Dc was started. With Jim Lee(former X-men Artist and creator of Wildcats) Erik Larson(former Amazing Spider-Man artist and creator of Savage Dragon) Todd Macfarlane (former Spider-Man artist and Spawn creator), an many others would form a company that gave u the freedom to o what u want with your creation and not worry about losing ownership.  They have all stayed with the company more or less Jim Less left for DC and took his company Wildstorm with him. Now 16 years later they come back together for Image United. (Except Jim he is only doing some cover work.) This is a team up fan boys have been waiting for Youngblood, Dragon, Shadow Hawk  fight the original SPAWN. Al Simmons. Why??  Thats the big question. Last we saw him he killed him self and a new Spawn rose up from Hell. The first issue just came out written by Robert Kirkman from the Walking Dead. Each artist draws their own character. Witchblade from Top Cow (Image imprint)shows up too since she was Cows first creation. This is one book fans of Spawn or any Image fan has to check out.


No Thanksgiving horror movie

Posted in entertainment, movies, radio of horror on November 26, 2009 by chrisdsav

Have you noticed how there is no Thanksgiving horror movie. The closest thing we got was a trailer directed by Eli Roth, during the Grindhouse double feature back in 2007.  We all hoped along with the other trailers that this will be made into a movie. Other than Rodriguez’s machete (due out 2011) we dont have any of them. Eli Roth mentioned he did it because we dont have a T-day horror film. Other than an episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Tales from the Crypt I can’t think of any horror T-day material.  There is potential Hollywood, I mean you can make 12 Friday the 13ths and 7 Saws let’s make one demented Turkey movie.

I see the (bad movie) New Moon rising

Posted in Books, Leominster Movie Theater, radio of horror, vampires on November 21, 2009 by chrisdsav

Right off the bat ( no pun intended) I am going to say, if you want to see a good Werewolf vs Vampire movie go watch the sub par but still better than this crap Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.  New Moon  has the ability to put you to sleep and still make you want to claw your eyes out.  I have not read the novel by Stephenie Myers and I don’t need to when you work in a book store you have learned the plot. This movie had the worst acting by actress Kristen Stewart ever. Her character is so whinny and boring and annoying. The ending was not something I think even the die-hard Twi fans wanted. There were so many groans in the audience it was terrible. This movie is not recommended by me I put this below GIJoe and Rob Z ombie’s Halloween 2. Thank god Day Breakers and Wolfman come out this Winter. We had several New Moon prizes to give out and we would like to thank Gondola restaurant and Dominos Pizza, (both located in Leominster) for supplying the food to the Leominster Entertainment Cinema.

2012 (I wish this would happen already so I could forget the movie)

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As we can see by the title, we over here at Radio of Horror weren’t exactly impressed with the new doomsday 2012 (though, apparently the rest of you were, it brought in 160 million internationally).

My personal all time favorite actor John Cusack fails me on this one. It’s 3 hours of shit blowing up and Cusack showing mild emotion while running through pre-determined disaster areas. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE disaster movies. Hell, I even enjoyed “The Core”. But other than the special effects, this movie fails. We love how it started out with Apocolpyse HO, but then quickly 360’s into some science tech bullshit that makes no sense. I don’t care how dumb you are, even you’ll think the science is retarded. It’s so retarted that NASA has created a website to dispel rumors and/or theories that are presented in 2012.

Save yourself a couple of bucks and rent ANY other disaster movie out there. Trust us, it’s better. Go see “Deep Impact”, “Absoulte Zero”, or even “The Day After Tomorrow” (wolves be damned).

Much thanks to Lemominster Entertainment Cinema for providing our comfy seating (did we mention 2012 is 3 HOURS?!?!) and plentiful popcorn!

Super Con Mega Fest 09

Posted in entertainment, Places, radio of horror, SciFi on November 15, 2009 by chrisdsav

Tomorow night on the show John from the Super Con Mega Fest 09 will be coming down to the studio. We will help him figure out who the guests that will be at his con. Kidding  lollol.  Horror related people will be James Marsters and Kristen Baur who played Pam on Tru Blood. These are real Vampires New Moon bitches. Data, Darth Maul, and The original Bionic Woman will be there also.

Tonight’s show

Posted in entertainment, movies, news, radio of horror on November 9, 2009 by chrisdsav

Tonight’s show:

It’s a Star Wars theme night! Tune in to hear all things Star Wars.

Also, we review “The Fourth Kind”.

The Box

Posted in entertainment, Leominster Movie Theater on November 8, 2009 by chrisdsav

The box is based on the story by Richard Matheison who also wrote I am Legend. If you have seen any thing or read anything by him all the ending are depressing and well depressing. This movies goes so far off the deep end its not funny its sickning. I dont understand it about half way thru, but wait it is directed by the director of Donnie Darko. The begining is great the middle is from the bad years of the X-Files and the end is back to a mystyer but still bizaro world. Also Cameron Diaz cant not talk with a southern accent. However why she does and her husband and kid dont who knows. 

Just and fyi go to Leominster Entertainment Cinema in two weeks for our big New Moon show.