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Comic Books and Horror Music

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Tonight on the show we have the amazing and talented Comic Book Artist of Witchblade and Sunstone calling all the way from Croatia Stjepen Stejic,

Then we have my interview with Lito Velasco, the man behind music from The Hellraiser, and Fright Night Documentary. he is also working on the Nightmare on Elm St  fan film Don’t Fall Sleep. We will be playing some of his music tonight as well as the mini Monster Squad record I reviewed early this week. You can scroll down and check it out.


Comic Book Spotlight: Cannon Films Spider-Man

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The movie we never got in the 90’s but we kept hearing about over and over again, untill the massive court battle with Cannon, and  Carloco, and James Cameron and Columbia aka Sony and so many other studios to numerous to mention. Various scripts and other problems.

Here is the trailer for the never released Spider-man movie, it is more a promo, but still if I had seen this in the 1980s. With Tom Cruise to play Spidey maybe. Stan Lee would have been J Jonah Jameson. There is also a great documentary on Netflix about Cannon. There is not much information about the Spider-Man movie from the 80’s most of the scripts are from the Carloco Cameron film. Part of the new Spider-Man trilogy had pieces of the script with Doc Ock.

Now we have Spider-Man in the Civil War movie. Check out Captain America Civil War at Black Stone Valley Cinema in Millbury Ma.

New Videos

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Writer Ron Marz

Film Critic Dede Crimmins

Director Joy Paige

Marv Wolfman

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On the show tonight MARV WOLFMAN writer of Tomb of Dracula, Transformers, Crisis on Infinite Earths and so much more. MArv will be at the Boston Comic Con this August. Marv will be on at 1230am est  930 pm pst.
I will also be playing music from ROb Zombie’s newest album.


Geek Porn

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Check out an interview done about me I usually do the interviewing but now I am the one on the other side of the microphone

Are you into some geeky horror? “Dr.Chris Radio of Horror” the right Radio Show for you

Writer Ron Marz

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Tonight on the show its a very comic themed episode. We have Comic Book Writer Ron Marz on with us. He has written, Green Lantern, Silver Surfer, WitchBlade Batman vs Aliens and so many more. Thru out the night tonight I will be playing the music form Batman vs Superman The Dawn of Justice


Dr.Chris Record Spotlight The Batman Superman Animated Series

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With Batman vs Superman The Dawn of Justice in theaters now I thought it be a great time to look at two of the oddest records in joy collection.

We spot light two records today both from the DC Animated Universe other wise known as the Timm verse. Named after co crestor Bruce Timm. With music by Danny Elfman  and the late  Shirley Jones. Mondo Records released a Batman Vinyl record in the shape of the Bat symbol in honor of the characters  75th Anniversary. I didn’t get a chance to grab one before they sold out, but was able to get one of the comic con villain records. Clay face come son a tiny 33 with the record it self looking like the villain from the show. Each of the major Batman villains got one Mr.Freeze, Joker, Harley Quinn, Penguin and Riddler. Well at least 6 if his villains did. They contain the music from just the show it self opening and ending credits nothing else. The extended version of this theme can be found online it roughly 2 mins long. I was a bit disappointed in how few tracks were on this album.



A year later Mondo released the Superman Animated score on a record cut like the shield on his chest. Hey released a Superman snd Bizarro variet. I picked up the Bizarro version just because of how cool it looks with the back ward S. The thing with this one is you play the record from the inside out. Any record I have come across you play the record as normal from the out side in. This trick will only work on records with out auto play, it must be done manually.



The Superman vinyl contains the opening and end credits to Superman the Animated Series as well as the opening and end credits to the Adventures of Batman and Superman. This was the new title of both shows from 1997-1999.



The Mondo release of Superman can still be found on their site the Batman record you will have to hunt down on ebay to obtain.


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