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Tim Seeley Introduces Blade’s Daughter

Posted in Comic Books, Marvel, news, vampires on July 15, 2015 by chrisdsav

Tim Seeley current writer on Grayson (the Spy adventures of the former Nightwing, Robin, Batman) have been so great I have not had time to read them, but I want to it combines James Bond with everything we love about Dick Grayson.

Tim is best known for creating Cassie Hack the Goth girl with attitude who runs all over the country with her side kick Vlad hunting down serial killers. Now he is tackling a new genre the Horror of the Marvel Universe.

While the vampires of the Marvel Universe don’t often cross paths with super heroes, there is one relentless champion they fear — if they’re smart. His name is Blade, but he’s also known as the Daywalker. He possesses superhuman strength, rapid healing and has declared war on all vampires who inhabit the Marvel U. That war has spanned decades and it’s one he’s fought both alone and with the aid of various allies like MI:13 or the Mighty Avengers.

SDCC: Snipes Says Conversations with Marvel Continue Beyond “Blade”

This October, the Daywalker’s vendetta against the supernatural becomes a family affair as writer Tim Seeley and artist Logan Faerber kick off an all-new “Blade” ongoing series, where the title character teams with his teenage daughter, a seemingly normal high school student named Fallon Grey.

With the series announced today at Comic-Con International in San Diego, CBR News spokeexclusively with Seeley about his take on the title character, the similarities and differences between new character Fallon and pop culture’s most famous female vampire slayer, Buffy Summers, and how the series will pit father and daughter against monsters even more terrifying than vampires.


Tim says in a interview with Comic Book Resources

“It feels like those twelve years of writing teenage girls fighting monsters is finally being recognized. It’s like Marvel is saying, “Congratulations on your double PHD in ‘Adolescent Female Angst and Monster Stabbery.’ Have a job!”

As far as the Marvel Horror Universe goes, I’m really trying to delve into the vibe of the 70s Marvel Monster magazines — updating and tweaking that sleazy/sinister/sexy feel they had for a modern comics audience.”

He goes on to say how he was a big fan of Satana and other horror figures of the Marvel Universe.

Blade’s daughter will be 16 years old and work along side her father, fighting monster but not Vampires they don’t want to do another Blade vs Vampire story or Deacon Frost, which has been done over and over again. That’s not to say he wont come up against Vampires at some point, just not right away.

Marvel has had several Blade Comic Book series all which have been cancelled in a year the last running during the Civil War story line and was cancelled after 12 issues. He is a great character but has never had great sales. Even during the height of his popularity of the movies with Wesley Snipes he could not keep a series going.

Time will tell if Fallon Grey Blade’s daughter and Tim can keep Blade afloat. The book launches this October in time for Halloween.

Hell Cats and Key Makers

Posted in authors, Comic Books, Conventions, Interviews on July 5, 2015 by chrisdsav

Tonight on the show Hel and I have Author Lindsay Moore from Hellcat Press, a horror gal and a guest at the upcoming Hartford Comic Con.


Then we have Israel Skelton from Skelton Crew Studios on the show with us once again, he was on the show in 2010 and 2013, and we are happy to have him back. He will be at the Boston Comic Con July31, Aug 1 and 2 with Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez at their table. They are men behind Locke and Key.

We will also be discussing the HR Giger movie DARK STAR which I just saw this afternoon in Cambridge MA.

Artists and Film Critics

Posted in Art, Comic Books, robots, sci-fi on June 21, 2015 by chrisdsav

Tonight on the show we have Curtis M.Lawson a Horror Author with his own Horror comics as well. We will also have author and film critic Dan Kimmel on to talk about the Summer movie line up.
AND SOPHIE KELLER will be starting as the new co-host for Radio of Horror tonight. Also Sophie and I just sat down and watched Terminator 1 and 2 to get read for the new Terminator coming out soon. We will have music from those films to play and be talking about the films.

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The X-Files Comic Books

Posted in aliens, Comic Books, sci-fi with tags , on June 19, 2015 by chrisdsav

Season 10 of the IDW X-Files comic comes to an end in July with issue #25 and in August we begin season 11. Now a recent interview with writer Joe Harris who still calls IDW book in continuity will be affected by the upcoming Fox mini series on tv. How this will all work out I am not sure. I can only assume that the comic will be directly affected but the show will not have any connection to the comic book, such is the way with this type of media.
I love the comic book from IDW. They have really given us a great story over the last four volumes the Year Zero and the Lone Gunman Transformers,Ghostbusters,Crow,Ninja Turtles crossover.
X 2
There are four volumes out from IDW in the main arc as well as they are wrapping up a Millennium comic. Frank Black guest starred on the X-files to wrap up his dangling plot threads from his cancelled show and he appears in one issue of vol 3 to assist Mulder. Agent Doggett and Reyes return in the comic and are kidnapped and a long running plot has the agents looking for their friends. Skinner and the Smoking Man return. THe Lone gunman are revealed to be alive and living below their graves in Arlington National Cemetery.

The Fluke man returns with an army of Fluke like beings and we even drag William the son of Scully and Mulder into the story. Nothing is retconned out it’s all here. It does not seem as though Mulder are Scully are still together like they were in I want to Believe the 2008 movies that failed to revive the series. Now 8 years later in 2016 it returns as a mini series. Last year Fox did the same with 24 and it was a huge hit.
IDW has also been reprinting the original X-Files comics that came out from Topps back in the 1990s. Topps series ran for 41 issues. (Tops during much of the 90s had comics for Jurassic Park, MArs Attacks, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and Jason goes to Hell just to name a few.) The comic was a huge hit at a time comics were about to crash and burn like the Roswell UFO.
Charles Aldred Artist on The Walking Dead 7-current was the artist on the book at the start. Sci-fi writer Kevin J Anderson also wrote several issues as well as Novels for that series. It didn’t affect the tv show but the comic did pick up plot from the show.

The first volume of IDW series was so gripping I could not put it down and when a new volume comes out every few months its the number 1 comic collection I look forward too. If your a fan of the X-Files you can’t go wrong with this series. Joe Harris and his team of artist like Michael Walsh and Matthew Dow Smith and more do a great job of bring the X-Files back to life. Lets hope in January the Fox show can do the same.

Preview: Reanimator #3

Posted in Comic Books, sci-fi on June 11, 2015 by chrisdsav


A Great Comic
Check out Their review

Originally posted on Graphic Policy:

Reanimator #3

Keith Davidsen (w)
Randy Valiente (a)
Francesco Francavilla, Andrew Mangum (c)
Fans & retailers, order the cover of your choice!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+

When Susan Greene joined Dr. Herbert West as his new assistant, she’d craved the forbidden thrills of his unorthodox experiments – the awakening of zombies, stitching together new lifeforms, refining narcotics from undead brain fluid, and more. But once she uncovered the Reanimator’s terrifying secret, she’s been overcome with suspicion and doubt. Now, she’ll finally get the answers she seeks… but will she survive the shocking revelation? Meanwhile, two drug cartels prepare for war, with the mad doctor’s entire operation as the prize. Can even the evil genius of Herbert West counter the sinister intent of those who serve Elder Gods and Voodoo witchcraft?


View original

Peanut Butter and Comic Books

Posted in Comic Books, food, music on June 7, 2015 by chrisdsav

On the show tonight we have Andy Branch and his partner coming on to talk comic cons and STEEM Peanut Butter yes we talk about food sometimes too. Its weird ….also we have on Horror comic artist Joseph Schmalke who’s interview will be on you tube soon as the last time we played it, it crashed and burned.


I will also be playing the music tonight from Beetlejuice on Vinyl

Comic Book Spotlight: DEATH

Posted in Comic Books, Goth, horror, Horror Babes on May 6, 2015 by chrisdsav

Neil Gaiman in 1989 created Sandman aka Morpheus aka Dreamer.  This would become one of his most famous creations. 8 issues into the series he showed us a charavter who has been around since time it self DEATH.


But unlike the version depicted in all of cinema and tv up to that point this was a perky little goth girl. She would be the living embodiments of Death, but in a fun way. The original apearence of Death before the Crisis On Infite Earths is Werird War Tales #8. The artist on the Vertigo book was Steve Dringenberg. Marvel has their own version who is coveted by Thanos, the Avenger villian.
She tries to help her brother Dream lighten up after the crap he went thru with Dr.Destiny in the previous issues.

Death design is based on a singer.
Neil Gaiman is quoted below about Death

“Death is the only major character whose visuals didn’t spring from me; that credit goes to Mike Dringenberg. In my original Sandman outline, I suggested Death look like rock star Nico in 1968, with the perfect cheekbones and perfect face she has on the cover of her Chelsea Girl album.

But Mike Dringenberg had his own ideas, so he sent me a drawing based on a woman he knew named Cinamon Hadley the drawing that was later printed in Sandman 11 — and I looked at it and had the immediate reaction of, “Wow. That’s really cool.” Later that day, Dave McKean and I went to dinner in Chelsea at the My Old Dutch Pancake House and the waitress who served us was a kind of vision. She was American, had long black hair, was dressed entirely in black — black jeans, T-shirt, etc. — and wore a big silver ankh on a silver necklace. And she looked exactly like Mike Dringenberg’s drawing of Death”


She would return a few issues later to help a transgender Metamorpho with identity confusion.
Then in 1993 She got her own series. This is how I learned of the character and was hooked ever since. Death the High Cost of Living and in 1996 Death the Time of Your Life. Both were written by Neil Gaiman and drawn by Chris Bachalo.
In both stories she is taking a day off to help those in need. High cost is considered the better of the two.

Death demonstrates safe sex by placing acondom on a banana held by John Constantine. Lightening the impact of the underlying message, she informs the reader that when one is through with the demonstration, “you can eat the banana.” This was used in high school health classes and is also reprinted as an addendum to the Death: The High Cost of Living trade paperback.
There is a third Death series, but she never appears and acts more as a force of nature. So similar to what she is in real life.

Recently DC published all Death stories and art in one volume except the manga.

She had a DC manga series as well called At Deaths Door by Jill Thompson.

She made two appearance in the Marvel Universe, at the wedding of Rick Jones and Marlo Chandler in The Incredible Hulk #418 (handing Marlo a hair brush, a visual pun referring to Marlo’s recent ‘brush with death’).
Then in the JLA Avengers crossover she appears with the Marvel Universe Death, and Dead man a DC character.


Death appeared in Action Comics #894, which was written by Paul Cornell. Cornell confirmed that Neil Gaiman has given his approval for the use of Death in the storyline.  In the story, while searching for a black power ring. Luthor had encountered the rings in the Blackest Night story arc. Death never appeared and I never learned why.
Lex Luthor has a conversation with her in that issue. The cover is by David Finch and one of my favorite drawings of her.
She appears again in Action Comics #900 and in The Flash(vol. 3) #6, part of the Brightest Day crossover.

In the DC television series Arrow, a younger Felicity Smoak is shown with black hair and an ankh necklace as a subtle nod to Death

Death has yet to show up in the new 52, we can only assume it’s a matter of time before she shows up in new The Sandman series or one of the other supernatural DC books.


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