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Burning Angel Peabody Essex’s Its Alive

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Tonight on the show we have Joanna Angel best known as the owner operator director producer writer and star of several XXX from Burning Angel Productions. Then we have on Daniel the curator of the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem MA talking about the Kirk Hammet Horror Collection IT’S ALIVE. Music tonight will be from Stranger Things as the New Season launches next Weekend.

Also tonight is James from Count Orlocks Nightmare Gallery also located in Salem Ma not for from the Peabody Essex Museum.


Video Games and Museums

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Tonight on the show we have the development team behind The Lighthouse on the show with us then the curator of the Peabody Essex Museum to talk about the Kirk Hammet Collection.  The music tonight will be from Halloween 2 and Monster House



Ed and Loraine Warren Con Men or Demon Hunters

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Some of their cases are fabricated some are real who knows I was not there to witness or judge the poor widow ( Ed died in 2006)  who charges 167 a person to come to her house and stare at a Raggedy Anne Doll in her Ghostbusters museum. She is famous she is well known in the paranormal investigation community, Her house has a museum and you can see all the cursed objects there.

Article I came across about the Warrens who are featured in the Hollywood Movie The Conjuring 2 now out in theaters (Blackstone Valley Cinema Delux in Millbury Ma is where I saw mine)

Salem’s Best Museum and Sweden’s Horror music

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Tonight on the show from up state MA in Salem we have James the owner and operator of Count Orlok’s Nightmare gallery on with us to talk about his shop and the poster_1_3 passing of the late great Sir Christopher Lee. Then from Sweden I have Magnus Sellergren a music composer on with us to talk about his newest music creation. We will play some of his music as well as talk about Jurassic World.