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Watch LeVar Burton’s Tearful Reaction To His ‘Reading Rainbow’ Kickstarter Raising $1 Million

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Fear Street, Goosebumps, Locke and Key (its a graphic novel I know but you still read it), Bunicula, Game of Thrones, V Wars, The Strain, World War Z, Dracula, Frankenstein,
These are all books and reading is important donate to Lavar Burton, this is soo cool and what a great start to a kick starter.



As we already noted, LeVar Burton’s Kickstarter campaign to make Reading Rainbow available to a new generation of young readers was a rousing success, reaching its goal of raising $1 million in less than a day. (The campaign has now raised over $1.6 million, and is still taking donations.)

Burton and his team were watching anxiously as the campaign hit the $1 million dollar mark yesterday, and a camera was there to capture his reaction. Here’s a video of the emotional moment, as well as a heartfelt thank you from the man himself.

(MayorBurnsy, H/T Reddit)

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Godzilla Retrospective Part 3

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The last part of my Godzilla review and the last article by me on I have been with them since 2010 when they were Infamous but I had to leave I cant stay with any more projects that don’t pay. SO here is the final article by me leave a comment. I also included my former editor’s article on the new Godzilla, good job Richard.



The Undead Are a Joke

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Part 4 of my e-book is out now down load it please 

Part 5 is coming soon and then we will begin Book two which I hope to have finished by the end of the year. 

A Video Game developer who is also a reporter learns many of his fellow developers are getting killed off, this on top of moving and being a Vampire are not what he needs in his life right now. He has his trying to get his own game developed.


Guests, Comic Con and more

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Tonight on the show Pam interviews Lucky Bastard Director Robert Nathan, Then we have from The Lords of Salem, Paranormal Activity 3 and this summer comedy Neighbors Maria Olsen, she has a long IMDB list of a lot of small roles check it out. We also talk about the new X-men movie, the season finale of From Dusk TIll Dawn and Supernatural and Forever Evil sees the return of the Anti Monitor. In a few weeks True Blood returns so we cant wait for that. I also talk about The Hartford Comic Con which I am a guest at next weekend in Hartford CT.

The Sacrament

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Last Week Pam and I reviewed this new horror movie more of a thriller, not sure what to make of it. Ti west Directed it and it stared some of his cast from Your Next.

Check out Pam’s Review.

The Lost Boys

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Tonight at midnight in Leominster MA we are showing The Lost Boys.It’s at the Entertainment Cinema movie theater.
What’s funny this is brought to us by the same people who gave us two shitty Batman movies.


Check out my Cross Stake.

Alien toys

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Re-Action toys has the Alien figures, a great homage to older toys from the 70s. At Toy fair we learned of some new figures coming from them all with that 70s style of toy.
Super7 Store sent me The Alien and Ripley , other figures are Ash, Dallas and Kane. Not sure if they are making the other characters in to toys. They look like the toys Kenner put out for Star Wars. The card the toy sits on also has that feel of old school toys. It be cool if they made the Nostromo ship to go along with them.