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Happy Halloween

Posted in news, Places, radio of horror on October 31, 2011 by chrisdsav

Worcester Ma cancelledd Halloween or post poned it tonight, but we will still celebrate Halloween. Go out and enjoy the night of fun festive activities. Ralph’s Rock Diner is doing lots of cool stuff.  Dr.Chris is supplying the snacks for snack time. Happy Birthday to my friend Myra who was born on Halloween. Make sure you wear a scary costume to ward off evil spirits.  We also bid farewell to Gina Migliozzi who ran Rock and Shock for many years and leaves us for Las Vegas Monster Mini Golf. Alas she will be missed.


Horror TV

Posted in SciFi, tv on October 27, 2011 by chrisdsav

Looking for a way to make Halloween awsome and stay home with the kids, American Horror Story, Dexter, Supernatural, and The Walking Dead. All good horror shows currently on tv. Rewatch some of these episodes and have a great horror marathon on tv. Fringe also has a kind of monster of the week vibe to it sometimes


Horror Movies for Halloween

Posted in movies, news, websites on October 24, 2011 by chrisdsav

Lots of Horror titles coming on Blueray and DVD, Zombie comes out tomorow along side the super hero flick Captain America. Shout Factory released a slew of horror titles as well recently including more from Roger Corman, and they have more MST3K stuff coming soon. I was kinda hoping we would get Halloween 4&5 on BR before Oct 31 but that might not happen. Be sure to pick up Halloween 2 now on BR tho. Universal’s F-up recenlty with the opening credits not with standing.

Come to Movie Stop in Leominster tonight to pick up Cap and Zombie on BR.


Guests Tonight

Posted in Comic Books, movies on October 23, 2011 by chrisdsav

We will play some of the recodred Interview from Rock and Shoak and also have instudio guest Derek Rook and on the phone Nicholas Knight, interview that will be played are Willaim Forsythe and Jake Busey

Rock and Shock Days 2-4

Posted in entertainment, news on October 17, 2011 by chrisdsav

ROCK AND SHOCK is over…lol

but this is a good thing and a bad thing good sooooo…. Tireed, bad thing have to say good bye to all the friends I made and the enemies I made. We got to meet Robert Englund, Lance Henrickson, William Forsythe, Jake Busey, Amanda Wyse, Camil Keaton, old frineds like Joe Knetter, and Sarah French, and Kane Hodder, Kevin Barbaree, Penny Dreadful, and her husband Gru.

We saw the debut of the movie Inkubus, met many of differant peopel to spread the word of Radio of Horror.

Tonight on the show is Mark Patton and Kane Hodder and his author for the book Unmasked Mike Alosie

Day 1 of Rock and Shock

Posted in movies, news, Places on October 13, 2011 by chrisdsav

Off to see Ghostbusters tonight at the Black stone Valley Cinema Delux 14. After ward begins the first night of Rock and Shock. Its just the concert part, as the CON part begins tomorow at 5pm.  The Cruel Brothers, also know as the hosts of Creep Show Radio are the first band and I cant wait to see them as they were guest on my show a few weeks ago.

Rock and Shock Interviews

Posted in movies on October 11, 2011 by chrisdsav

Gina and Kevin the founders of Rock and Shock were on the show last night. Our long awaited, granted somewhat messed up audio recorded interview with Heather Langankamp’s interview was also brodcast as well.

If you go to the face book page for the show then you can check out last weeks interview with Nick Princpie, the actor who plays Chromeskull in Laid to Rest.