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Wes Craven RIP

Posted in directors, Horror Movies, news on August 30, 2015 by chrisdsav

Its with a sad heart to report the death of the man and the legend him self Wes Craven

I met him at a book signing in 2013 in Boston MA. He was on a book panel covering fear. I asked him to come on my show and didnt follow up on the interview. I wish I had. I am really really sadded by this.

He created The Nightmare on Elm St ( the most famous thing he is  known for from NON horror fans) , Serpent in the Rainbow, Scream and so many more movies. he directed A New Nightmare and all 4 Scream movies too. I have his biogrpahy signed.

He died of brain cancer he was 77 years old.



Lost After Dark Cast and Crew

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Tonight on the show we have the crew from the new Slasher Horror movie from Anchor Bay Lost After Dark.
Director and Writer Ian Kessner, Bo Ransdell, and stars Justin Kelly and Eve Harlow. Eve will be appearing on NBC Heroes Reborn coming this fall. We also be playing the second half of DAGON from penguin audio.


Castlevania The Animated Series and Live Action Movie?

Posted in horror, movies, news, vampires, Video Games on August 27, 2015 by chrisdsav

A few years ago in 2007 we almost got a Castlevania  movie. How cool would that have been? Unfortunately  due to the writers strike of Hollywood  at the time it and many other projects like a Justice  League  live action movie were cancelled.
Paul WA Anderson better known as the man behind The Resident Evil movies was to direct.  Love or hate those movies, he is abetter than Uwe Bol. Now the movie is back on and currently  in preparation production . …..what ever that may mean is up in the air.
More info can be found here.


Before we see this Castlevania  movie we may get a super violent animated series. As a fan of the franchise for the longest time, I could not be more happy.

Adi Shankar executive producer of Dredd, Machine Gun Preacher, The Grey, and Broken City, has announced that he will be producing a “super violent” mini-series based upon the 1989 NES game Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse. Furthermore, this series will be animated by Frederator, the team behind Fairly Odd Parents and Adventure Time, and will be influenced by titles such as Akira, Ghost In The Shell, and Ninja Scroll.

Shankar announced via his Facebook page:

I’m producing a super violent Castlevania mini-series with my homies Fred Seibert and Kevin Klonde. It’s going to be dark, satirical, and after a decade of propaganda it will flip the vampire sub-genre on its head.

Collider caught up Shankar, who told them that, “There will be a [lots of gore]. The goal is to bring hard hitting anime to the America and be America’s first animated series for adults.

When it comes to the music, which is a rather iconic aspect of the original Castlevania games, Shankar explained:

The first thing I thought about was music and how we needed to avoid the traditional sword-and-sandal orchestra cliche and use the heavy metal electro guitar vibe found in the early games.

Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse is the prequel to the original Castlevania game. It follows Trevor Belmont as he aims to defeat Dracula with the help of Alucard and Syhpa Belnades.

Thanks to Bloody Disgusting . Com

Mini Horror Reviews

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We look at what’s on dvd now and in theaters in the horror genre.

A guy who does technology  reviews for a website gets a new app that could change his life. Little does he know if he spelt the app backwards he would relies it comes at a price ….his soul. Yup as weird as and Hellraiser 8 Hellworld comes the Devil with killer technology. A neat idea but not executed  very well. It’s like a wish granting app until the devil comes to collect. If the main character  was not such a bore I would have been more interested  in the story. The dvd has a scan code for the app to be used with your smart phone either I phone or Android. The app never loaded to the site so I never had a chance to preview it. The movie was directed by Franck Khalfoun, he also directed P2, Maniac and the unreleased  Amityville:The Reawakening.


Run Hide Die
A year after an accident involving the death of a loved one a girl and her  young group of 20 something party girls go to a cabin in the woods and drink and makeout then killed off one by one by one.
There was a great line in Indiana  Jones and the Temple of Doom. “You know the problem with her is all the noise” That’s what we get in this movie lots and lots of noise. Lots of death and too many screams. The plot is a little thin in trying to be this mystery  connecting the main heroine with the killer, who happens to be a woman do kudos for making another female serial killer  something we don’t get often. Not the best film the constant shrieking  was more annoying  than anything else. Directed by Collin Joseph Neal.

Sinister 2
The deputy (James Ransone) from the first movie is hot on the trail of Bughuul after Ehan Hawkes characted was killed.He encounters a mother and her two sons on the run from her husband living in the house that the deputy is trying to burn. Bughuul already has his sights set on the boys and wants one to kill their family. Biggest problem I had with this is all the melodrama of the abusive husband was more terrifying than the story it self. It was a neat idea of explaining  how the kids become corrupt  as we see the movie through  their eyes. The ghost kids talk way too much in this movie and really drag down the plot line with their constant yammering of why the home movies need to be watched. I guess after the first movie it was and cool idea to see how kids are corrupted and we don’t want just the mom or deputy puppy dog eyes to be the only one watching the movies. The movie was directed by Ciaran Foy who worked on a much better film called The Citadel in 2012.


The Gift
Not to be confused with the Sam Raimi movie of the same name from 2001. (Which may only be well known for a Katie Holmes nude scene). This stars Jason Bateman  who has moved him and his wife to a new home and are stalked by an old classmate from high school  he pulled a mean prank on.  The friend who also happens to be the director Joel Edgerton tries to get into their life in very unsuited creepy  ways. Gifts and tokens and then video taping them. It’s the super creepy part of the movie that makes the whole thing work really well. This movie was atmospheric  and the best kind of thriller after a summer of disappointing  horror movies.

Dr.Doom on the air with Dr.Chris

Posted in Comic Books, Convention, documentary, sci-fi on August 23, 2015 by chrisdsav

On the show tonight we will be playing a Lovecraft Rock Opera Dreams in the Witch House, an LP we picked up at NecronomiCON this weekend.
On the show for a guest we have Joeseph Culp better know as Dr.Doom from Roger Corman’s Fantastic 4 movie. We will also discuss the documentary he was involved in too.  Also on the show one of the heads of InCONceivable which happens next weekend in North Hampton MA.


HP Lovecraft’s 125th Birthday Celebration Part 2

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As we get closer to NecronomiCON  this weekend I thought I would go over some of the films based on Lovecraft  work.
First up we have SPRING, now if you have not seen this movie you need to check it out its as much a Lovecraft film or homage as Alien is. (HR Giger  the designer of the creature in Alien was a huge Lovecraft fan.) In this story a man goes to Europe  after his mother’s death to escape some trouble and meets a woman who turns into a elder goddess smoking hot type monster at night. Very creepy movie. The blu ray is loaded with bonus material like commentary with the directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, as well as creature make up effects and more.


Then we have he biggest film of all Re – Animator  directed by Stuart Gordan  and staring Jeffrey Combs, one of many many projects they would work on together . As well as From Beyond. Both are great films and also star Barbara  Compton. Jeffrey  Herbert West is what all mad scientist actors should strive for. It’s a great gory movie and filled with amazing practical effects. The dvd and blu ray come with a 70 min documentary on the making of the movie. From Beyond is a weird and oddly amazing Sci fi movie involving he Resonator a man made monster that taps into your inner thoughts and fucks  with them. From Beyond recently got released from Scream Factory a year ago, and is loaded with their bonus material.

DAGON is a movie I got to watch with Stuart Gordan and  his wife ( who also apears  in a lot of his films) at the last NecronomiCON  and it was a blast. Never have I had a movie in such a long time give me nightmares. A man and his fiance and their friends go on a fishing trip and end up in Innsmouth on a deserted island where he cult of Dagon lives. If you like half naked Sexy squid woman this is the movie for you.


Now The Dunwich  Horror is a movie I have seen only once and I will be seeing it and Dan o Bannon’s  35mm  cut of  Ancestry  at the NecronomiCON  this weekend. Dean Stockwell stars in this with his creepiest role yet. Dan also wrote the original draft for Alien. His wife attend the cons in his honor to show people his original un cut work.

If your from RI, tomorrow marks the 125th Birthday of Lovecraft  and their will be a candle light vigil at his grave in Providence  RI.

HP Lovecraft’s 125th Birthday Celebration part 1

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It was great last night having Izzy Lee on the show with us to talk about Lovecraft and her film Innsmouth. In my own personal life I got lost in Salem and Ippswitch which is roughly the area where Innsmouth is located in the Lovecraft stories. Oh yes On Friday I went to go visit a friend and I got lost in the town that Dagon forgot, sigh. I digress.

Next weekend I will be Providence RI a trip i been waiting to take all year.

So I thought it be a good time to spotlight thew movie Dagon and the Beer from Narragansett brewing company.

(taken from wikepedia) Dagon also known as Dagon: La Secta Del Mar in Spain is a 2001 Spanish horror film directed by Stuart Gordon and written by Dennis Paoli. Despite the title, the plot is actually based on H. P. Lovecraft‘s novella The Shadow Over Innsmouth rather than his earlier short storyDagon” (1919). In fact, the setting takes place in ‘Inboca’, a Spanish adaption of ‘Innsmouth’.

If you want to more about the book it self check out the link below or download the works of HP lovecraft, its public domain fiction and free on most reading devises.

Innsmouth Olde Ale

Chapter 2 in the Lovecraft Series draws its inspiration from “The Shadow Over Innsmouth,” one of our favorite Lovecraft stories which chronicles one man’s ominous visit to the fictional sea town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts. The dark, malty Innsmouth Olde Ale represents the shadow that hangs over the blighted town of Innsmouth and its strange inhabitants that spawn from the “Deep Ones.”