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Music Tonight

Posted in horror, music with tags , , on April 14, 2019 by chrisdsav

Tonight is a music themed show as my guest cancelled at the last min,

We should have a guest next week for sure. I am going to have music from Prom Night tonight from the new Lp I got at Record Store Day and the music from JL Gods and Monsters.


Vampires, Comics, and Music

Posted in Comic Books, Goth, horror, music, vampires with tags , , , , on March 24, 2019 by chrisdsav

Tonight on the show we have a returning guest to the air waves we have not had on in a decade. Comic Book Writer Steve Niles is on the show with us from 30 Days of Night and Delta 13 and The October Faction. We will also be playing the music from a friend of the show Fred Mollin’s Forever Knight soundtrack. We will also be discussing an event coming up in Salem A Vampire Ball by the business Vamp Fangs.


Composers and Music

Posted in 80s, entertainment, horror, music, slasher movies, vampires with tags , , on March 10, 2019 by chrisdsav

Tonight on the show we have Composer Fred Molin on to talk about his work on Forever Night, Friday the 13th Part 7 and 8, and The Series and more.

We will be playing some music from his Friday the 13th score the movies and tv series. Also Music from Hammer the Studio that Dripped Blood. We played part of the soundtrack a month ago and wanted to play out the rest asap.

You can find copies of Fred’s Friday the 13th score below signed by him. hqdefault

Music artist and Video Games

Posted in Anime/Manga, horror, Horror Babes, music, vampires, Video Games, vinyl with tags , , on March 3, 2019 by chrisdsav

Tonight on the show Musician Lillian Morgan Fox on the show with us a model and amazing and talented musician. We will be playing a bit of her music and then later our newly acquired vinyl soundtrack to CASTLEVANIA SYMPHONY OF THE NIGHT.

Vinyl Records Spotlight: THE VVITCH

Posted in horror, Horror Movies, music, vinyl, witches with tags , , on February 23, 2019 by chrisdsav

Recently picked up the sound track to The VVitch the 2015 Horror movie that some may argue as being incredibly frightful others say boring as hell. I think its more the former.

The movie does have some pacing issues but this score really shows how great the film can be. The haunting ending with the Black Mass of Witches Coven is hypnotic and amazing. Composer Mark Korven and the Elememt Choir do a great job. They really make the music flow and feel likes its coming from the century the movie takes place in. Turn down the light or turn them off and out this soundtrack on and you will get a chill down your spine like never before.

The record it self is plain black with the Devil in his goat form on the inside. This also came with a digital soundtrack of the movie.

Directors and Friday’s Scores

Posted in 80s, directors, entertainment, Friday the 13th, horror, music with tags , , on January 27, 2019 by chrisdsav

Tonight on the show Directors Jon Keeyes and Jimmy lee Combs to talk about their individual projects The Harrowing and Terror Tales. We will also be playing the soundtrack to Friday the 13th part 1 and Friday the 13th the series tonight.

Manos and Black Sabbath

Posted in horror, movies, music, vinyl with tags , , on November 25, 2018 by chrisdsav

Jackey Neyman Jones, who played Debbie (the little girl) in the horror film “Manos”: The Hands Of Fate. “Manos” will be on the show tonight. Then we have a lot of Black Sabbath music playing as I have a great new vinyl I picked up on Black Friday.