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Happy Halloween

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Tonight on Radio of Horror the show begins at 8pm, we will have guests on the show all night long. Dan Kimmel will call in to talk about recent horror movies and we will have some authors in the studio from the New England Horror writers. We will also have Danille Harris from Halloween 4,5,9,10 and Jennifer Blanc Biehn from Prank.


BS Horror Stuff

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You no what’s a load of BS the covers to both An American Werewolf in London and Buffy the Vampiure Slayer The Movie trying to capture the Twilight craze.  For shame studios for shame. The Buffy cop off image I have only seen on Netflix, but here is the Werewolf one.  I am also going to point out how this peice of shit film The Haunted Airman  does the same thing staring  Robert Pattinson, its a ghost film not Vampires,  morons.

Coolidge Corner Theater Halloween Marathon

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This weekend at 12am Oct 30th into Halloween Day till noon time, the Coolidge is showing Re-Animator and House, along with 4 other films that have yet to be anounced, but they are good ones. Check out the Coolidge’s website and FB event page for more info.!/event.php?eid=152135991474000

My Soul to Take & Paranormal Activity 2

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This week I had a chance to catch the new Wes Craven film My Soul to Take. I realize this movie has been out for two weeks now but this was the first chance to catch it after the crazy weekend that was Rock and Shock. It’s a vast improvement over his last true horror movie Cursed, (RED LINE was more of a thriller) he once again has three major themes working for him, major family issues with the main character (Nancy’s parents in Nightmare on Elm St all held a secret that they killed Fred Kruegar, and Cindy in Scream was still living with her moms murder over her head). Yes I realize I just mentioned 4 other films by the master of Horror but it was needed in order to explain the ups and downs of this movie. The use of cell phones and a phantom killer. The phantom killer was actually creepy and looked convincing as the Riverton Ripper. It was like a cross between Rob Zombie and a wet bum but still looked real creepy.  Bigest problem I had with the movie was certain origins like of the Ripper were never explained. The movie was shot in 3-D, but I only had a chance to see it in 2-d. I was told I didn’t miss much.  Check ou the show Sunday night for a more in-depth review.

Paranormal Activity 2 arrived in theaters about a year after the last one and a week before Saw7. Smart idea to release it before the final chapter of Horror most recently over done franchise. We will be covering this in detail coming up on the show Sunday. biggest complaint I have is why did it cost 3mil to make it basically looked just like the first one. Maybe because of more actors in this movie. In the original it was two main characters and two side characters. now we have 4 main characters a dog and 3 supporting actors. Two of which are Micah and Katie from Part 1. That is the only spoiler I will give away for now.

Halloween Marathons

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Here are three more great Halloween ideas.
Coolidge Corner Theater Horror Marathon Brookline, MA Oct30-31 at 11 pm,  13 hr moviethon with House and Re-Animator.

AMC Horror Thon, started recently and ends Halloween night with the premier of The Walking Dead TV show.

Ideas for a day of Horror

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Looking to do something for Halloween or before it, here are some things to do.
-Go to Salem Sat, Nightmare Gallary will have William Forsyth on hand to meet and greet fans.
-Go to Frieght Kingdom in NH.
-Pumpkin Picking at several differant places.
-Host a LEFT FOR DEAD 2 LAN party on X-Box360.
-Have a few tv shows on dvd, have a Dexter,Tales from the Crypt,Supernatural,True Blood, Real Ghostbusters marathon.
Lots of cool stuff to try out on or before Halloween.

SuperNatural and Psycho

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Tonight on the show we have Nicholas Night callign into the show he is the author on the Supernatural Companion books S1-5. Then we have the Director Writer of the Psycho Legacy Documentry coming on the show as well. Instudio people will be the guys from Dread