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You Tubers and Horror Hosts

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Tonight on the show we have the amazing and talented Amber Sym on with us. She is former play boy model and an actress who has appeared in many different medias but most notably a Horror you tube series America in Shadows.

Then from You Tube Film Reviewer Oliver Harper is on with us all the way from the UK


Vampires Headless Horseman and Frights

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Tonight on the show we have By the Night Studios on with us to talk about Vampire the Masquerade, the recent grand Masquerade and more. The we have actress Kelly Love on to talk about a Horror film fest in CA. We have the team from the Sturbridge MA Sleepy Hollow Play coming on as well its a long night of horror folks stay tuned



H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival

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Coming  soon on August 19th in Providence RI


Film Thrills

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Tonight on the show I have MA film critic Dede Crimmins on the show with us. She is a staff writer for Film Thrills.
She will be sitting in on a fan commentary with me and then doing her interview about all things horror related that she is into and likes and dislikes. Then I will play the soundtrack to Fright Night.


200 Youtube Subscribers

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No show tonight since I will be at the Sci-fi film fest watching The Live, Pitch Black , Ex-Machina and more. Check out my you tube channel it just hit 200 subscribers please subscirbe if you are not already a member…/UCnl4YRwmzCoIi_dqvFhOUOA/videos

Hallowen Holiday Movies

Posted in Comic Books, film, Halloween, Holiday, horror on October 30, 2015 by chrisdsav

Hollywood it seems has really woken up to the idea of making Halloween THEMED  horror movies. After 10 films in the slasher franchise, I think the only one that really touches anything to do with Halloween as a holiday is Halloween 3 Season of the Witch.
Very very good movie and we’ll written with a great concept about druids and masks that kill children. Scream Factory did a great job putting this out in 2013 as one of their first collectors Editon releases.

A few years ago we got Trick r TreAt  which I have talked about alot on my show over the last 8 years. This made really great use of the Halloween traditional folklore snd how if you don’t follow it bad things WILL HAPPEN. Recently a graphic novel sequel of sorts has come out Trick r TreAt Days of the Dead. ( why use day of the dead we have had two movies called that and numerous other projects.)  It also weaves four tales of Hallowen together and possible gives us the origin of Sam. Now this is in continuity with the movie as Michael Dougherty is a writer and editor of this comic and the director writer or the movie. His next film is Krampus  coming out this December.  Check it out now he even explains a little bit about where they are on the next movie.


Then we have The Houses that October Built which is another great Halloween movie I covered  last year. Directed by Bobby Roe, a group of filmmakers goes in search of the ultimate haunted house and find one run by real psychos. They visit many real haunted  house attractions across America. If you get the blu ray from Best Buy you get the original documentary film they made before the studio one recently.


Tales of Halloween is another great film I covered it alot this year and if you want  the full film list check out the link here. H3 list will contain the films snd the film makers involved. A Halloween anthology film that most of the shorts in the tales are really good and creepy. All focused or on Halloween.

Don’t forget im part of the Halloween blog tour this year please feel free to check out the other links to this tour.

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Dr.Chris Record Spotlight Fall Edition part 1: Pet Semetary

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Since this is he month of October  I thought I would do TWO vinyl reviews. One now for my new record and another at the end of the month in time for Hallowen. Based on the book by Steven King we have Pet Semetary  directed by Mary Lambert
Today we look at the soundtrack recently  released from Mondo Records Pet Semetary composed by Elliot Goldenthal

Elliot Goldenthal’s Pet Sematary record was his first mainstream movie score. He would go on to do many other great film scores such as In Dreams, Sphere, Interview with the Vampire and he won the Oscar for Frida.
Many critics and horror lovers have compared it to Jack Nitzsche’s soundtrack for The Exorcist.
The theme is inspired by Lalo Schifrin’s score to The Amityville Horror.


The score is very eerie in its movement thru out the movie, you get no sence of happiness with this music but non stop doom and foreboding evil coming down. The film has such a dark melody you can’t escape. From the family moving in to Gage death snd resurrection  there are tracks on all four redords. The last two on side D of record 2 contains two songs by the punk band he Ramones, Pet Semetary  being their more well known. Lyrics like “I don’t want to be buried in the pet Semetary I don’t want to live my life again…..ohhh nooo.” Can only come from the mind of Joey Ramone. It folds out in the picture  below in this image of the father carrying from he burning house a corpse, who that is I won’t spoil for you, go read the book then watch the movie.
The album comes in this slime green plastic and look fantastic  as it spins on your player. Pick it up now from Mondo Records before it sells out.