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Happy Halloween

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So you need something to do to nigth after Trick or Treats how abotu going to see the original Halloween or mayeb if your in the Leominster MA area come see Night of the Living Dead at Entertainment CInema. NOTLD starts at 1030pm est. Hosted by me come on costume tickets are only $5.oo Check your local theater listing to find out when Halloween is playing tonight. They have been in theaters all week for the 30th anniversary, tune into Radio of Horror this week for an interview with PJ Soles from Halloween, as well as Pam and I interviews from Rock and Shock.





Trick r TreAt 2

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On Halloween its the best movie to watch and it has a sequell coming, the first movie had a lot of problems getting out to the public, here is a great sit down with the crew and some of the cast hosted by Seth Green from Robot Chicken


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Tonight on the show from the RI Comic Con their Media head Jackie we discuss the LONG guest list with her tonightImage, we also have Angela and her crew The Antiquinox as they Present The Inter-Dimensional Vaudevillains’ COSMIC SIDESHOW, we also play the music from GHOST BUSTERS to promote That’s Entertainment’s Halloween Double Feature tomorow night.

comic con


Batman Arkham Origins

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The prequell to Asylum and city the long awaited new Batman games finds its home into my X-Box 360 now that I have beaten Diablo 3. It looks much darker than previous Batman games. Villians like Firefly, Blackmask, and Deathstroke the Terminator make up the main arc of bad guys in this awsome new Batman game.

Trick r Treat

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Ever seen this movie if not then don’t worry it came and went so fast even die hard horror fans I talk to today still never saw it. Lets go back to 2006, The Writer of X-men 1,and 2 Michael Dougherty made the film and it got shelved by Warner Brothers after we were suppose to see it in theaters Halloween season 2007. Two years later it finally gets a release on blu ray and dvd. It has Anne Paquinn recently off of the X-men films a year before she would start True Blood. and Dylan Baker from Spider-man 2 and 3 and Kristen Bell recently finished with Veronica Mars and starting Heroes  Brian Cox also from X-Men 2  and Tahmoh Penikett still hott on Battlestar Gallactica at the time. All these actors were very well know in things fans loved why did the studio shelve it they didn’t know what to do with it. No one had done a successful film anthology movie in years and Showtime recently cancelled. We may never know why Warner Brothers does the dumb things they do any way.
The movie is fan tastic some of the best things in the film I cant even talk about without giving them away, the guide thru the film is SAM a small little something or other who appears in all the story’s. HE is basically the spirit of Halloween and he guides you thru the different time periods in your life around the Holiday from a young kid, thru those awkward teen years, to being a young adult in your 20s and then how you deal with it and snub the holiday as an old man.
Its more than just Michael Myers coming along and stabbing horny teenagers. This is the first Halloween themed movie in a long time that actually breaks down the holiday itself for what it is.
On the blu ray you get a commentary, an animated short about SAM, A FX comparison of the school bus scene, and a documentary on how the many traditions of Halloween started as well as cut scenes.
For a truly great comprehensive guide to the movie buy the book, Trick r Treat Tales of Mayhem, Mystery and Mischief. it goes thru the filmmaking process and gives you coll little bonuses like a comic version of Season greetings, pumpkin stencils Sam Halloween mask, the movie poster, post cards

Whats funny before we had the movie to watch this book had come out and a comic book adaptation by wildstorm, and we had the soundtrack. The fans wanted this movie Warner didnt feel the same way. We finally have it, fear net shows it 24 hours straight like TNT does with the Christmas Story every year so now we can al;ways watch it. Leading up to Halloween Fear net has little mini Sam cartoons. Check out one of the best Horror movies to come out this decade.
Trick 'r Treat

R.I.P. Lou Scheimer (1929-2013)

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I was very sad to hear this I watched a lot of this guys creations in the 80-‘s like He-man, She-ra, The Gouhligans, Ghostbusters, The Batman Superman Show, Fat Albert and soooo many more


As animation veteran Tom Sito wrote on Facebook today, “Scheimer never stopped being one of the guys. He was passionate about animation and his fellow artists. It actually pained him to lay people off. In 1982 when the Guild held a city-wide strike to try and prevent all our work outsourced overseas, Lou shouldered a sign and picketed his own studio, because he agreed that work should stay in town. Lou never reneged on his promise to keep as many people working as he could. It is reassuring in this world when you see the good guys can still win. Lou Scheimer was a good guy. And I shall miss him. So Long Lou Scheimer, you did well.”



Post Rock and Shock

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So thats allll over with we would like to thank Gina and Kevin and Lea and the Rock and Shock crew for this years convention. We met a lot of good people we made some new friends we have tons of potential guests coming on the show and interviews to play with Michael Rooker and The Pretty in Pink clothes co. and The Graveyard Girls and so many more. Tonight on the show its Andrew Shanley and his partner Andy and Pam and I discuss all the wackyness of Rock and Shock.