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Happy Hanukkah

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Another year has come and gone and Hollywood still leaves out Hanukkah in a long line of Holiday Horror movies. When will they make this happen? Mitch Gordan host of Shirim Jewish Music on WCUW 91.3 fm in Worcester Agrees he is a casual horror fan and does not understand why they never made one. We had Better Watch Out this year a new Christmas Horror movies but no love for out Jewish Horror Cousins. Maybe one day….I mean we still don’t have a Thanksgiving Horror movie despite getting Eli Roth FAKE trailer back in 2007.




Merry Krampus Review part 1

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In honor of the preview episode of Supernatural Creatures and LORE We will be covering A Very Supernatural Christmas. Talking about Krampus and Winter Pagan God’s. You can check it out here once the page is completed  I am going to once a week review one of the 4 Krampus films a week. Yes can you belive there are 4 of these fuckers. Fuck that shit…..but I digress. 


A direct to dvd film by Ben Conway which is more Lifetime movie of the week than Evil Santa Claus flick. 

The movie opens with a mean couple who yells at their kids goes to bed fucks showers and smokes then Krampus kills them after being summoned by the mothers daughter. Then it becomes this little orphan summoner movie with police procedure and no Krampus. Krampus it self is so laughable and the film never looks like it’s taking place at Christmas unlike the he 2015 film KRAMPUS which was so full of Xmas cheer it was amazing how they mixed the Horror with the holidays. The daughter uses Krampus like pumpkinhead. Or since it’s the Holidays like a Jew would use a Golem.  

Written with his brother Owen Conway the script seems like it was another film and not a horror movie. The film is trying to make us sympathetic to Krampus carnage but not actually showing us the damn monter. Except in CGI and looking like something from a PS2 video game. 

Pass on this one and come back next week for another Krampus review. 

Radio of Horror’s Halloween Part 9

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Tonight on the show for our 9th HALLOWEEN episode of Radio of Horror we have The director of The Neon Demon on the show with us. Nicolas Winding Refn, he will be discussing some of the weird and unusual things in the film, then from Pa we have returning to the show Mistress Zeneca the lovely and talented Dominatrix who will be discussing her Villian’s Ball next week.



Shadows in Salem and a NEW co-Host

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On the show tonight the team behind Shadows in Salem a new collection of Short stories about one of the spookiest towns in America. We will also be debuting our new co-host tonight from Canada Wednesday, stay tuned for more information about her as the night goes on.
Music tonight will be ladies choice from both Amber Dawn Moore and Wednesday



A Gothic Wizard and Andy Noir

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Tonight on the show we have Rev Peter the Gothic Wizard on the show with us. He will be talking with us about some interesting facts concerning tarot card readings and Vampires and other things that go bump in the night. Returning to the show tonight is Andy Noir an awesome horror actress we had on back in 2012.

We also will be playing for the first time on vinyl the sound track to ARMY OF DARKNESS.


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Horror and Christmas Mayhem

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Tonight on the show we have  from Party Monsters which just finished their kick starter we have Adult film and Horror nut job Die-Ann Prince on the show. We also have Ward Crockett Writer/Director of There Is No Door.



We will be playing the music from Star Wars ( I will also be going over my review and spoilers of Ep7) and some Xmas music thru out the night between interviews.



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Ah it’s Christmas  time, that time of year when you say Merry Christmas  to someone they say FUCK YOU. Or they tell you how offensive Christmas is to them. It’s also a good time for a Christmas  Horror movie and this year we have Krampus, Directed by Michael  Dougherty from Trick r TreAt. This movie comes out this Friday Dec 4th (Dec 5th begins the annual Krampus celebration in Pagan cultures) . I can’t wait the trailer looks great and we have needed a great Christmas Horror movie. When was the last time we had a great Horror Holiday movie, Season 3 of Supernatural , A Supernatural  Christmas Special that’s when. A boy makes a wish and summons the demon who comes on Christmas eve to terrorize and abduct the naughty  family members.

Krampus is basically anti Santa Klaus a very unknown creature in German Pagan lore. He would kidnap bad children and beat them with branches across their butts. Krampus has been around since before there was Christianity according to some scholars. It was around the 17th century that he was recognized as much as Santa Claus. It was in the 21st century  that popular  culture  made him famous.

Now only in the last 10 years has Krampus risen to fame. I can’t remember  seeing anything about this creature in any form before now. Jim Balent’s Tarot Witch of the Black Rose has fought the creature on three occasions the most recent being last week in issue # 95. Even bringing  in a female Krampus.


There is also a Krampus comic book tie in to the movie which came out last week, Krampus the Dark Spirit of Christmas.  He’s become so popular  I’m surprised Marvel and DC have not had him fight Doctor Strange or John Constantine yet. I’m sure it’s only a matter of  time before they do. In Christmas Horror Story Krampus shows up, there is a movie coming soon Santa vs Krampus. The guy is getting around. on Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc he showed up to terrorize  bad children but of cource that was a crook in a costume. RL Stein’s The Haunting Hour tv show also had a Krampus. I really wish the Real Ghostbusters back in the 80s had one as well.

I think it was American Dad who first introduced  me to the idea of the creature. Steve is kidnapped in Christmas eve by the creature.  I honestly can’t say I remember  hearing about him before American Dad or Supernatural. A neat idea that will get so over used we will be sick of seeing him on the big and small screen. Let’s hope there are more evil Christmas monsters we can use for the future. At the very least I never want to see a Krampus found footage movie.