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Classic Cinema Presents NOSFERATU

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ImageTonight in Leominster MA we are showing the classic example of plagerism lol NOSFERATU

It starts at midnight and its first of three Vampire movies we are showing the other two being Interview witht he Vampire in Feb and THE LOST BOYS in June. Its at Entertainment Cinema.




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ImageWhile on the run to Mexico, Seth and Richie encounter former minister Jacob Fuller (Robert Patrick) and his family, whom they take hostage.  Using the family RV to cross the Border, chaos ensues when the group detours to a strip club that is populated by vampires.  They are forced to fight until dawn in order to get out alive.

Co-stars include Wilmer Valderrama as enigmatic crime lord Carlos; Madison Davenport as Kate Fuller; Brandon Soo Hoo as Scott Fuller; Adrianne Palicki as Vanessa Styles; Jake Busey as Professor Aiden Tanner; Lane Garrison as Pete; and Eiza González as Santánico Pandemonium

D.J. Cotrona looks like he is trying to do a bad version of George Clooney. The whole series looks really low budget and they are stretching the plot line of the first film into a series. WTF really????

Its Weird that Robert Patrick is now playing the role played by Henry Keitel. Does he remember he was in the god awfull direct to dvd sequel. I never watched part 3 Hangman’s daughter. Was it even about Vampires???

Supernatural: Tribes

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What do we know about this new show ……nothing. lolol. Its going to take plave in the Chicago area and be about the monsters as much as it is the hunters. There is a stand alone episode coming up which will kick off the story line.

Robert Singer is the show head I think. (btw Robert Singer sound familiar…. Bobby Singer).
It will premier along side the Vertigo comic series I Zombie in the fall.


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ImageGood bye Coven, Hello Circus

Tonight on FX American Horror Story: Coven ended. Next up in the Fall CIRCUS.  The story of the witches of New Orleans, we had great guest stars like Angela Basset ( man that woman never ages and I still think she is fucking hot as hell.  even though she is older than my mother she is soooooo hot.) Cathy Bates was ok but I found her character the old fat white racist to be annoying and done before. She was just disgusting all the way thru from start to finish. I enjoyed that not once during the show did they make mention of Nan (Jamie Brewer) being retarded. It was nice to see her treated like any other crazy with clarevoyant powers lol.  The plot was easy too follow and not too weird or boring like in previous seasons, I felt as though it took a long time to get to where they needed to go. Who did all the black witches do voo dodo and all the white witches celebrated regular craft stuff. Next time mix it up some.

They did things on this show right from the beginning with a gang rape on Emma Roberts character and then a threesome with the dead and uhhh Frankenstein like dead( the always amazing and real life fiancé of Emma Roberts Kit Walker). Taissa Farmiga had a deadly vagina and any man who had sex with would DIE. So she fucks a rapist to death in ep 1. YIKES>its like Rouge of X-men or that Jess Weixler in Teeth.  Why did we drag this show out since Oct. I don’t understand the skipping week to keep interest going??? Also how many other shows get Stevie Nicks to player her self as a witch on their show.

With the show over we move on to Circus which all we know about is it will be set in the 50s and Jessica Lange who has been on the show since Season 1 will not be returning. Stay tuned to Radio of Horror for more info



Sorority Party Massacre

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Pam and I sat thru this dreg of a movie last night at the Radio of Horror studios. She is a better writer than me so I had her handel the review on this one BLEGH


This Anchor Bay released flick boasts *big names* like Kevin Sorbo (Hercules the Legendary Journeys) and adult film star and rum hawker Ron Jeremy. The plot begins with the somewhat grisly but comparatively tame murder of Holly, the daughter of Sorbo’s character. Detective Watts (Thomas Downey; Pirates of Treasure Island, Dracula’s Curse) is sent in from the big city to investigate. The first victim had been heading for a Sorority meet up where girls were to compete for an elite scholarship. They other girls, played by Eve Mauro (Zombies vs Strippers, Mirror Image), Marissa Skell (Slumber Party Slaughter), Yvette Yates (I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell), Rebecca Grant, Alison Mei Lan and Adrian Kirk (616:Paranormal Incident) are doing degrading and outrageous things to please Stella… but are they killers?


While trying to uncover the truth Detective Watts is…

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Tonight on the show we have Sirc Michaels the director of the Evil Dead Musical currently on stage in Las Vegas. Its one of the best shows playing in Vegas right now. They are playing in conjunction with the LVL UP EXPO in Las Vegas a gaming technology Expo happening Next weekend. Pam and I also have a lot to talk about with Dracula, Sleepy Hollow, Grimmm (my Aunt Marie Grimm book came in the mail), Being Human, I, Frankenstein, The Devil’s Due, and Slumber Party Massacre the remake.
We might play a tune or two lol
Evil Dead


Countdown to New Castlevania

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We are now 1 month away from new Castlevania with Lord of Shadows 2. The new trailer is out for the game showing us new characters. This will always be my favorite  video game franchise of all time. Its one of the biggest reason I love Vampires and gothic culture so much. We see the voce actors name credits with the characters they are going to play, and get a little more glimpse into the story we are getting next month.


Get ready for the epic conclusion of the Lords of Shadow saga! The brand new trailer showcases the characters of the Lords of Shadow universe and provides a first glimpse of Dracula’s ultimate form: the Dragon!!

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 will be coming on PlayStation®3, Xbox 360® and Windows PC on February 27th, 2014.