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Movie Review- Zodiac: Signs of the Apocalypse

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Pam Reviews the crappiest disaster movie I ever did see


Starring Joel Gretsch and Reilly Dolman (who?) as a father and son team that are forced into solving the cause of global disasters. Neil and Colin Martin are nearly killed by a freak meteor strike (while the dialogue plays up that both men are lonely and bad with women) and soon after are contacted by Kathryn Keen (Emily Holmes) who works for a private company with an interest in an artifact that she believes is causing the disasters. Neil is a professor and archaeologist who is illogically broke and jumps at the chance to help after Colin negotiates the fee up to $100,000.


Neil and Colin make a series of preposterous Indiana Jones Lite finds, including rescuing Sophie (Andrea Brooks, star of the upcoming CW series “iZombie”) before Katherine reveals some questionable motives. The the Department Of Defense gets involved (one of the Agents is played by “Hemlock Grove” actor…

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Fantasy Films

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Over the last few weeks we have had an onslaught of Fantasy films and no Horror movies except The Babadook. Everything from Moses to Hobbits to wolves. All movies are playing at Black Stone Valley Cinema Deluxe 14 in Millbury MA

Exodus: Gods and Kings
The story of Moses the Barbarian as played by former Batman Christine Bale. What the fuck??? This was the most bizzaro casting by Ridley Scott trying again to strike lighting with a  hit similar to Gladiator. He tried it before with Robin Hood and failed. This time he reunites with Sigourney Weaver and we thought yayyyy but she has nothing to do in this movie except say how much she as in her character not her personally hates the Jews and to cast Moses out. Blink and you will miss Sir Ben Kingsley. God shows up as a kid next to a burning bush acting like a jerk wad.
Moses turns the Jews into an army with bows and arrows. Now its not as far fetched as Noah early this year with Noah teaming up with the Rock Lords from Gobots but its still as far fetched. I kept making Batman jokes every five mins. This was a fantasy take on a a well known Bible movie making Moses a bad ass leader.


The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
This was a great ending to the Hobbit trilogy. Martin Freeman was great in all three films. Ian McKellion was good as Gandolf. Richard Armitage as Okensheild and The Dwarves were well done and you really got to like them and get to know who they are. We do see some of them killed unfortunately no spoilers.
It was well done and entertaining. I didn’t leave this movie like I left the last tow kind of be fumbled wondering what next. Or in some cases bored. The biggest problem with this film series was the length. However as I sit and watch the bonus material for the Desolation of Smaug. Peter Jackson has directed all 6 films. I really enjoy the universe of Tolkien and all he created. Its a great feeling when you are watching this movie series. The battle is long and the action is great the creature effects are really awesome and maybe just maybe it would be cool to see other middle Earth stories. Smaug the Dragon is fantastic and its a quick scene with him and then he’s killed by Bard. Benedict Cumberbatch was very well cast as the Dragons voice. It was number one at the box office again this weekend showing Tolkien’s vision is still alive and thriving.

Into the Woods
I hated this movie. I just didn’t get it the songs were cheesy and over blown boring and mundane.  I liked the characters and I know Sondenheim is this hot shot director but this was just nothing I could get into. The baker was great Emily Blunt who played his wife was funny. Johnny Depp needs to STOP ACTING. Seriously one of the worst performances of the movie. He learned over Red Riding Hood like a Pedophile would oozing and drooling and talking about how little girls taste and ugh. Streep and Kendrenk Beware if you hate musical this movie is crap and just plain garbage writing. Chris Pine annoyed the hell out of me. I guess maybe it was not as bad as the live action Peter Pan. Walken looked like he slept through that movie.

A movie I want to mention directed by Tim Burton is Big Eyes as true story but has this creepy scene where the people around Amy Adams character come to life and stare at her with the Big Eyes

Carrrie LaChance and Miss Horror Nerd

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Tonight on the show we have cosplay model Carrie LaChance. I met Carrie at the Hartford comic con, there were a few good things about it and the cosplayers for the most part I was next too were some of them. Carrie does a lot of her own work in the Cosplay and as a model in general and its great to have her on the show. We talk about conventions and cosplay and comics too.

Then afterward we have Little Miss Horror Nerd whom we discuss her site and all things horror.
The music tonight will be Part one of our Grimm Soundtrack. I cant wait to play this as Grimm is one of my favorite shows ever. We will also be discussing the onslaught of Fantasy films out now.




Help Radio of Horror

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We need a huge push to reach a mile stone goal on this site.
We need a few more subscribers and some more visitors
Pick an article and re-blog it send it to friends
I would like to hit my mile stone by New Years Eve
We been on their air since 2007 and the blog has been up since 2009.
Help Radio of Horror end the year with a bang.


The Nightmare Before Christmas Review

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Tim Burton’s classic film makes me feel a wee bit old as it can out when I was entering high school.
It’s 21 years old and still holds up today.
What a weird movie crossing Christmas and Halloween making it twice the Holiday movie.
The great Chris Sarandon play Jack Skellington the Pumpkin king of Halloween town. He wants to bring Christmas to his dark gothic little town and with the help of some mischief makers he kidnaps Santa Claus and takes over. But then has to rescue Santa from Oggie Boogie his arch nemesis.
Patrick Stewart does an amazing job as the voice narrarartor.
Catherine o Hare play Sally Jack’s girl friend and a great show of what hot dead chicks can look like….years later Corpse Bride.


Danny Elfmans score is amazing and really helps bring the stop motion animation to life. The movie is not directed by Burton but by Henry Selick. This is still Burton’s vision. I think at the time Burton was working on Ed Wood.

The visuals in this movie are really creepy and some great uses if stop motion the likes if which we don’t get very often. Hot topics really had a field day with the merchandising of this film and it continues today.
Chris would return to play Jack in two Kingdom Heart video games for Play Station2. A game series that crosses Disney and Final Fantasy.  And you thought crossing Christmas with Halloween was weird. These games were recently rereleased for The PS3.
The blu Ray has some decent bonus material with commentary and Burton’s short film Vincent which I a tribute to the late great Vincent Price.

The soundtrack was redone with great covers by Marylin Manson Fiona Apple Fallout boy and others.
This is a great film no matter ifn it’s Halloween or Christmas.

Censorship ….FUCK YOU

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Have you seen Byzantium or Countess Dracula you should they are pretty decent. Kiss of the Damned as well  I love that movie.
This is just a post to protest some prudish jackass who dose not like nudity and can go to hell.
On Facebook I had an artistic picture taken down and there was no visible nudity you could complain about. Freedom of speech and Non censorship is awesome. I don’t believe sex and nudity should be censored EVER. Should children see sex NO NEVER. Nudity whole other thing they go to a museum their are a lot of nude paintings in an art museum. That’s art. Educate your kids don’t censor them. We are born nude.

Vampires and woman are two of my favorite things so I present some great pics I found some from Hammer Films.





Make Up Artist and Legends and Lies

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Tonight on the show we have Special Effects Make Up Artist Julie LeShane whom we met at Rock and Shock this past October, she will be in studio with us talking about her craft.

Then we have the husband and wife team behind the card game Legends and Lies. They are old friends of my roommate and their game is for fans of the X-Files, The Weekly World News and anything Cryptizoic related.

Its the Christmas show so expect to hear some Nutty Christmas music